Sublime Practical shortcut keys

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Ctrl+g Open the Search box, automatically take:, enter a number to jump to that line of code ...

Ctrl+r Open the Search box, automatically with @, enter keywords, find the function name in the file. For a chestnut: Quickly find a function on a page with more functions

Ctrl+f2 Set Bookmark F2 Next Bookmark shift+f2 Previous Bookmark

Ctrl+l Select the entire row, continue to select the next row, the effect is the same as the shift+↓ effect.

Ctrl+shift+l Select multiple rows First, and then press the shortcut key to insert the cursor at the end of each line to edit the rows at the same time.

Ctrl+shift+m Select the contents in parentheses (continue to select the parent bracket). Give me a chestnut: Quickly select the code in the delete function, rewrite the function body code, or rewrite the contents of the parentheses inside.

CTRL+M cursor moves to the end or start position within the parentheses.

Ctrl+shift+m: Check the contents of the current parenthesis, repeating the parentheses themselves

Ctrl+d selects the text that the cursor occupies, and continues, the next identical text is selected.

Alt+f3 selected text Press the shortcut key, you can select all the same text at once to edit simultaneously. Give a chestnut: quickly select and change all the same variable names, function names, etc.

Ctrl+x: Delete When moving forward

Sublime Practical shortcut keys

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