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Sublime text compared to the code editor such as Notepad++,ultraedit, its function is even more, with a variety of plug-ins, Sublime text in the actual use has become very handy-of course, if you are not comfortable, Then please write a plugin. And among the many functions, Sublime text also provides the incomparable powerful shortcut key lineup, if can in coding time nimble use the shortcut key, will be able to make your efficiency multiplication, believes in the near future, Sublime Text will be the best coding weapon that you use across the platform.

However, for the newly-started sublime Text Newbie, the powerful shortcut key lineup is confusing, or even remembering these shortcuts will be a difficult task to complete. Use sublime text need is time and patience, in line with this purpose, Mitchell spent some time, will sublime Text2 in the shortcut key to organize a copy, at the same time some important shortcut keys for Chinese translation, to facilitate and my same novice can compare simple find, And then in practice constantly re-use in order to reach the point of perfection (I do not expect such a high pursuit, but you can have ~ ~).

Now share the sublime Text 2 in the shortcut keys are not fully translated version, in the form of a table, if there are errors, but also please correct them, as follows:

shortcut Keys function
Ctrl+shift+n Open new Sublime
Ctrl+shift+w Close Sublime, close all open files
Ctrl+shift+t Reopen recently closed files
CTRL + N New file
Ctrl+s Save
Ctrl+shift+s Save As
Ctrl+f4 Close File
Ctrl+w Shut down
Ctrl+k, Ctrl+b Toggle Side Bar Display Status
F11 Toggle Full-screen status
Shift+f11 Intrusion-free Mode state switch
Backspace Delete Left
Shift+backspace Left Delete
Ctrl+shift+backspace Delete all on left
Delete Delete Right
Enter Insert
Shift+enter Insert
CTRL + Z Undo
Ctrl+shift+z Redo
Ctrl+y Redo or repeat
Ctrl+u Soft undo
Ctrl+shift+u Soft Redo
Ctrl+shift+v Paste and format
Shift+delete Shear
Ctrl+insert Copy
Shift+insert Paste
Ctrl+x Shear
CTRL + C Copy
CTRL + V Paste
Left Move
Right Move
Up Move
Down Move
Shift+left Move and select
Shift+right Move and select
Shift+up Move and select
Shift+down Move and select
Ctrl+left Move (jump) by \w rule
Ctrl+right Move (jump) by \w rule
Ctrl+shift+left Move and select (jump) by \w rule
Ctrl+shift+right Move and select (jump) by \w rule
Alt+left Move by word
Alt+right Move by word
Alt+shift+left Move and select by word
Alt+shift+right Move and select by word
Ctrl+alt+up Select multiple lines for editing
Ctrl+alt+down Select multiple lines for editing
PageUp Move
PageDown Move
Shift+pageup Move + Select
Shift+pagedown Move + Select
Home Move to the beginning of the line
End Move to end of line
Shift+home Select to the beginning of the line
Shift+end Select to end of line
Ctrl+home Move to the top of the page
Ctrl+end Move to end of page
Ctrl+shift+home Select to top of page
Ctrl+shift+end Select to end of page footer
Ctrl+up Scrolling lines
Ctrl+down Scrolling lines
Ctrl+pagedown Next view (visual position)
Ctrl+pageup Previous view
Ctrl+tab Next view in stack (open order)
Ctrl+shift+tab Previous view in stack
CTRL + A Select All
Ctrl+shift+l Select multi-line editing
Escape Single selection
Escape Clear Field
Escape Clear Field
Escape Hide Panel
Escape Hide Overlay
Escape Hide Auto Complete
tab Insert Best Completion
tab Insert Best Completion
tab Replace completion with next completion
tab Reindent
tab Indent
tab Next field
tab Commit Completion
Shift+tab Insert
Shift+tab Unindent
Shift+tab Unindent
Shift+tab Unindent
Shift+tab Prev Field
CTRL +] Indent in
ctrl+[ Do not indent
Insert Toggle Overwrite
Ctrl+l Select rows, repeat to select the next row in turn
Ctrl+d Select words, repeat to add the next same word
Ctrl+k, Ctrl+d Find under expand Skip
Ctrl+shift+space Expand Selection
Ctrl+shift+m Expand Selection
Ctrl+m Jump to corresponding parentheses
Ctrl+shift+j Expand Selection
Ctrl+shift+a Expand Selection
ALT +. Close tag
Ctrl+q Toggle Record Macro
Ctrl+shift+q Run macro
Ctrl+enter Run macro File
Ctrl+shift+enter Insert a new row before the current row
Enter Commit Completion
Ctrl+p Search for files in a project
Ctrl+shift+p Open Command Panel
Ctrl+alt+p Prompt Select Project
Ctrl+r Go to Method
Ctrl+g Jump to the first few lines
CTRL +; Show Overlay
Ctrl+i Show panel
Ctrl+shift+i Show panel
Ctrl+f Find
Ctrl+h Find replacements
Ctrl+shift+h Find replace Next
F3 Next match
Shift+f3 Previous match
Ctrl+f3 Next match
Ctrl+shift+f3 Find under Prev
Alt+f3 Find all under
Ctrl+e Slurp Find string
Ctrl+shift+e Slurp Replace string
Ctrl+shift+f Show panel
F4 Next result
Shift+f4 Prev Result
F6 Toggle Setting
Ctrl+f6 Next misspelling
Ctrl+shift+f6 Prev Misspelling
Ctrl+shift+up Swap line up
Ctrl+shift+down Swap line Down
Ctrl+backspace Delete Word
Ctrl+shift+backspace Run macro File
Ctrl+delete Delete Word
Ctrl+shift+delete Run macro File
ctrl+/ Current line Comment State toggle
ctrl+shift+/ Current position Comment State toggle
Ctrl+j Select Label contents to append subsequent lines to the end of the line
Ctrl+shift+d Duplicate line
CTRL + ' Show panel
Ctrl+space Auto Complete
Ctrl+space Replace completion with auto complete
Ctrl+alt+shift+p Show Scope name
F7 Build
Ctrl+b Build
Ctrl+shift+b Build
Ctrl+break Exec
Ctrl+t Transpose
F9 Row sort
Ctrl+f9 Row sort
Auto-pair Quotes
\ Insert Snippet
\ Insert Snippet
\ Move
Backspace Run macro File
Auto-pair Single Quotes
Insert Snippet
Insert Snippet
Backspace Run macro File
Auto-pair Brackets
( Insert Snippet
( Insert Snippet
) Move
Backspace Run macro File
Auto-pair square brackets
[ Insert Snippet
[ Insert Snippet
] Move
Backspace Run macro File
Auto-pair Curly Brackets
{ Insert Snippet
{ Insert Snippet
} Move
Backspace Run macro File
Enter Run macro File
Shift+enter Run macro File
Ctrl+1 Focus Group
Ctrl+2 Focus Group
Ctrl+3 Focus Group
Ctrl+4 Focus Group
Ctrl+shift+1 Move to Group
Ctrl+shift+2 Move to Group
Ctrl+shift+3 Move to Group
Ctrl+shift+4 Move to Group
Ctrl+0 Focus Side Bar
Alt+1 Select by index
Alt+2 Select by index
Alt+3 Select by index
Alt+4 Select by index
Alt+5 Select by index
Alt+6 Select by index
Alt+7 Select by index
Alt+8 Select by index
Alt+9 Select by index
Alt+0 Select by index
F2 Next Bookmark
Shift+f2 Prev Bookmark
Ctrl+f2 Flag State Toggle
Ctrl+shift+f2 Clear bookmarks
Alt+f2 Select All bookmarks
Ctrl+shift+k Run macro File
Alt+q Wrap lines
Ctrl+k, Ctrl+u Upper case
Ctrl+k, Ctrl+l Lower case
Ctrl+k, Ctrl+space Set Mark
Ctrl+k, CTRL + A Select to mark
Ctrl+k, Ctrl+w Delete to mark
Ctrl+k, Ctrl+x Swap with Mark
Ctrl+k, Ctrl+y Yank
Ctrl+k, Ctrl+k Run macro File
Ctrl+k, Ctrl+backspace Run macro File
Ctrl+k, Ctrl+g Clear bookmarks
Ctrl+k, CTRL + C Show at center
ctrl++ Increase Font Size
ctrl+= Increase Font Size
Ctrl+keypad Plus Increase Font Size
ctrl+- Decrease Font Size
Ctrl+keypad minus Decrease Font Size
Alt+shift+w Insert Snippet
ctrl+shift+[ Collapse (code)
Ctrl+shift+] Do not fold
Ctrl+k, ctrl+1 Collapse by hierarchy (code), number is layer series
Ctrl+k, ctrl+2 Collapse by hierarchy (code), number is layer series
Ctrl+k, Ctrl+3 Collapse by hierarchy (code), number is layer series
Ctrl+k, Ctrl+4 Collapse by hierarchy (code), number is layer series
Ctrl+k, ctrl+5 Collapse by hierarchy (code), number is layer series
Ctrl+k, Ctrl+6 Collapse by hierarchy (code), number is layer series
Ctrl+k, Ctrl+7 Collapse by hierarchy (code), number is layer series
Ctrl+k, Ctrl+8 Collapse by hierarchy (code), number is layer series
Ctrl+k, Ctrl+9 Collapse by hierarchy (code), number is layer series
Ctrl+k, ctrl+0 Unfold all
Ctrl+k, Ctrl+j Unfold all
Ctrl+k, Ctrl+t Fold tag Attributes
Context Menu Context Menu
Alt+c Toggle Case Sensitive
Alt+r Toggle Regex
Alt+w Toggle Whole Word
Alt+a Toggle Preserve Case
Key bindings for the Find panel
Enter Find Backward
Shift+enter Search forward
Alt+enter Find All
Key bindings for the replacement panel
Enter Find the next
Shift+enter Find Previous
Alt+enter Find All
Ctrl+alt+enter Replace All
Incremental Find panel Key bindings
Enter Hide Panel
Shift+enter Find Prev
Alt+enter Find All

SUBLIMETEXT2 shortcut Key List

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