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The network promotion method has many, the RSS promotion is one of them, the RSS subscription can increase the visit quantity for the website, this is everybody knows the fact. However, how to promote RSS, let more people know and encourage more people to subscribe to RSS, but it is a big problem. Here's what I'm going to explain to you. RSS promotion, how to use RSS to promote the network.

First of all, what is RSS?

RSS is an easy way to share content online (also called aggregation content, really Simple Syndication). RSS feeds are often used more quickly to get information on more sensitive content. The website provides RSS output, which facilitates users to get the latest information about the content of the website. Network users can read Web site content that supports RSS output without opening the Site content page, with the help of RSS-enabled aggregation tool software (such as Sharpreader,nwezcrawler,feeddemon) on the client.

So what's the use of RSS?

Subscribe to the blog, you can subscribe to work in the required technical articles, you can also subscribe to the same hobby with your blog, in short, what interested in what can be ordered.  Subscribe to the news, whether it is an anecdote, star News, sports, as long as you want to know, can subscribe. You no longer need a website, a website, a Web page to go shopping. As long as this subscription to the content you need in an RSS reader, the content will automatically appear in your reader, you do not need to be eager to know the news and constantly refresh the page, because once the update, the RSS reader will notify you.

What is RSS promotion?

RSS promotion refers to the use of RSS as an Internet tool to transmit marketing Information Network Marketing promotion mode. RSS feeds are often used in conjunction with the EDM (e-mail marketing). Because RSS features more advantages than EDM, the latter can be substituted and supplemented. And there are many similarities between RSS and EDM, and the fundamental difference between them is that they deliver valuable information to the user in a different way. Compared to the RSS and EDM, there are a few of the main points:

1, diversity, personalized information aggregation. RSS is an XML (extensible Markup Language, extensible Identity Language) standard, is a widely used Internet content packaging and delivery protocol, any content source can be published in this way, including professional news, network Marketing, Enterprise, And even personal sites. If the RSS reader software is installed on the client side, the user will be able to selectively aggregate the source of interest into the interface of the software, providing users with a "one-stop" service for multi-source information.

2. The timeliness and low cost of information release. Because the information in the user-side RSS reader is updated with the update of the feed information, it greatly improves the timeliness and value of the information. In addition, the server-side information RSS Packaging in the technology implementation is extremely simple, and is a one-time work, so that the long-term information distribution marginal cost almost to zero, which is completely traditional e-mail, Internet browsing and other publishing methods can not be compared.

3, no "rubbish" information and the problem of too large. The information in the RSS reader is fully subscribed to by the user and is completely blocked for content that the user does not subscribe to, as well as irrelevant information such as pop-up ads, spam, and so on. Thus there is no disturbing "noise" disturbance. In addition, access to information on the client does not require a dedicated e-mail-like "RSS Mailbox" to store, so there is no need to worry about the content of the information too big.

4, no virus e-mail effects. In the RSS reader is only a summary of the information you subscribe to, to see the details and to the site through the browser reading is not much different, so do not worry about the harm of virus mail.

5, local content management is convenient.  To download to the RSS reader subscription content, users can do offline reading, archive retention, search sorting and related classification and other management operations, so that the reader software is not only a "reading", but also a user's "database". Although the RSS is a bit much, but the disadvantage is also obvious. The positioning of RSS marketing is not as strong as the EDM, we have a hard time choosing who to subscribe to our rss, so RSS is difficult to achieve personalized marketing. At the same time, RSS is not easy to do like the EDM tracking marketing effect.

In a word, RSS has a great advantage compared with EDM, especially to overcome the fatal disadvantage of spam, virus and instant information in EDM, so it will promote the popularization of RSS effectively. Therefore, the network promoter must pay enough attention to enhance their competitive advantage. Of course, the RSS marketing model has a lot of problems to face, for how to effectively use more in-depth research and discussion.

Previously said that RSS promotion is in the initial stage, is a new way to promote the network, the following I introduce the RSS to promote the actual operation of the method, there are several simple methods:

1. Where is the submission of RSS submission? There are many web-based search engines and RSS catalogs, and we submit RSS feeds to these sites. This can not only promote search engine inclusion, increase the RSS exposure, but also to increase the breadth of the site, can bring traffic, but also to speed up search engine inclusion and information promotion.

2, RSS icon conditional words to your site to add RSS feeds, and the website RSS subscription icon in the eye-catching position.

3, tailor-made content for different users to push different content, so that users are willing to subscribe to the content they want.

4. Add RSS Subscription links in the mail a good viral promotion, on the one hand is the EDM supplement, with the increase of internet age, the use of RSS instead of EDM will be more and more.

5, multi-functional applications such as the user through the RSS feed to get weather forecasts, subscriptions interested in classified advertising information, the network mall can also use it to convey logistics tracking information, delivery of merchandise discount notice, real-time Jingjia of auction goods and so on.

RSS promotion is a powerful way to promote the network, waiting for more people to develop! This paper is by Network promotion method

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