Subscriptions and undo of events

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In the example that follows, we declare a login dialog class that uses the button class. The dialog box class contains two buttons: Ok and Cancel buttons.

Program Listing 13-2:

public class Logindialog Form
 Button okbutton;
 Button CancelButton;
 Public Logindialog () {
    okbutton=new Button (...); EventHandler (Okbuttonclick);
    Cancelbutton=new Button (...); EventHandler (Cancelbuttonclick);
void Okbuttonclick (Object Sender,eventargs e) {
  //Handle event
void Cancelbuttonclick (object Sender,eventargs e) {
  //handling event

In the example, two instances of the button class were used, and the subscription of the event was implemented by adding the left operator "+ =" to the event: EventHandler (Okbuttonclick);

This way, whenever an event is triggered, the method is invoked.

The undo of an event takes the left operator "=": EventHandler (Okbuttonclick);

If an event is declared in a class, and we want to use the event in the same way as a domain, then the event cannot be abstract or contain an event access declaration explicitly. Once these two conditions are met, events can also be used in any field that can be used.

Note: The triggering of an event is equivalent to the prototype-delegate represented by the calling event, so calls to the delegate prototype must be checked to ensure that the delegate is not null.

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