Subversion service-side configuration steps detailed _linux

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Configuration process:
1. Install the Subversion Server Software

Copy Code code as follows:

Yum Install Subersion-y

2. Create a code Warehouse

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Svnadmin Create Svn_version

Configure permissions

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Vim conf/svnserve.conf
Password-db = passwd #取消注释
Anon-access = None
auth-access = Write
Add SVN account
Vim passwd
Harry = Harryssecret
Sally = Sallyssecret

svnserve-d-t-r/data/svn_svn #启动svnserver default port
svnserve-d-t-r/data/svn_svns/--listen-port 53535 # Specify port

Submit to version Library

Copy Code code as follows:

SVN import./svn://ip/svn_version

window: Client Test: Install TORTOISESVN log is a little turtle.
Create a new blank folder, right-click "SVN checkout"
ur, input snv://ip/svn_version

Pop-up authentication window: Enter username password

Version Library sync complete


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