[Success intelligence] 001. both success and failure are a habit

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There is a saying in tamude:"Both success and failure are a habit.." The following story vividly explains this:

Alexander's library was burned out to save only one book, but that book is of little value. So a poor man who only knows a few words bought the book with several copper coins. Although this book does not go any more, there is something very interesting! There is a narrow piece of sheepskin paper in the book that says the secret of "Touchstone.

Touchstone is a small stone, but it can turn any common metal into pure gold. The text on the sheepskin paper explains that touchstone can be found on the beach of the Black Sea. It is mixed with thousands of seemingly identical pebbles, but the secret is that the true touchstone is very warm, the ordinary stones are cold. As a result, the man sold only a few of his assets, bought some simple equipment, held a tent by the sea, and began to test those stones. This is his plan.

He knows that if he picks up a normal stone because it feels cold and then keeps it on the ground, he may pick up the same stone hundreds of times. So when he touched the cold stone, he threw it into the sea. After doing this for a whole day, he did not find a warm stone. Then he worked for another week, month, year, or three years. But he still did not find the touchstone. However, he persisted and picked up a rock. It was cool. He threw it into the sea and picked up another one. It was cool. Then he threw it into the sea ......

But one day he picked up a stone and it was very warm ...... Finally, he threw it into the sea. Because he has formed a habit. He is used to throwing all the stones he finds into the sea. He is so accustomed to the action of still stone that when he really wants a stone, he throws it into the sea!

A great philosopher once said:"Habits are a tenacious and huge force that can dominate people's lives.." Habits sometimes become an obstacle to your success, and you can throw opportunities in your hands. This is especially true for bad habits.

Jews believe that:Both health and wealth are the products of habits.. There is a story in the Jews:

Two people, an unhealthy rich man and a healthy poor man, envy each other. In order to be healthy, a rich man is willing to sell his wealth. In order to become a rich man, the poor are willing to give up their health at any time.

At that time, a world-famous surgeon discovered the secret of human brain exchange. So the rich man quickly proposed to exchange his head with the poor man. The result is that rich people will become poor, but healthy people will become rich, but they will be affected.

The operation was successful. The poor become rich, and the rich become the poor.

But soon, the rich man who became a poor man had a strong physical fitness and a sense of success, and gradually accumulated wealth, he is always worried about his own health, and is a little uncomfortable. Because he was always scared, gradually, he went back to the original multi-disease state. In other words, he returned to the previous rich and weak situation.

So what about another rich man?

The poor finally have money, but their bodies are weak. However, he always forgets his own sense of failure. He doesn't want to use his brain-changing money to establish a new life, and he keeps wasting his money on useless investments, it is the old saying that "no overnight food for rats" is enough. As a result, the money will soon be lost, and he will become the original poor. However, because he is carefree all day, the disease brought about by his brain disappears without knowing it. He has a healthy body as before.

Finally, the two were the same.

Now,You need to start learning to face your bad habits, the most stubborn enemy.

Introduction: 000. Talmud

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