Success is not as hard as you think

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Many things are not difficult because we do not dare to do or do anything, but because we do not dare to do things.

1965A Korean student majored in psychology at Cambridge University. During afternoon tea, he often goes to the school cafe or teahouse to chat with some successful people. The successful figures include the Nobel Prize winners, academic authority in some fields, and those who have created economic mythology. These people are humorous and cool, it is natural and logical to see all your successes. After a long time, he found that he was cheated by some successful people in China. In order to let those who are starting a business know the difficulties, they generally exaggerate their entrepreneurial hardships. That is to say, they are using their successful experiences to scare those who have not yet succeeded. As a psychology student, he believes it is necessary to study the mentality of successful Korean people.

1970He used "Success is not as difficult as you think" as his graduation thesis and submitted it to Will, the founder of modern economic psychology..Professor breden. Professor breden was pleasantly surprised to hear that it was a new discovery. Although this phenomenon exists in the East and even around the world, no one has proposed it and studied it before. In addition to the surprise, he wrote to his Cambridge alumnus, Park zhengxi, the first man sitting in the Korean political arena. He said in his letter, "I dare not say how much help this book has for you, but I am sure it can shake you any other command ."

Later, this book was accompanied by the departure of South Korea's economy. This book inspires many people, because they tell people from a new perspective that success and "work their bones and muscles, starve their bodies", "three more lights, five more chickens", "head suspension, there is no inevitable connection between the cone and the slogan. If you are interested in a career, you will succeed if you stick to it for a long time, because the time and wisdom God has given you can complete one thing. Later, the young man succeeded and became the president of Korean pan-industry Automobile Company.

Tip: many things in the world can be done as long as they want to do it. The difficulties to be overcome can also be overcome, and there is no need for a steel will, they do not need any superb intelligence, skills, or tactics. As long as a person is still living in a simple and interesting life and making unremitting efforts, he will eventually find that the Creator's arrangements for the world are successful..

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