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Author: Ziyun Ying

I have seen many people looking forward to being a developer, but I am helpless because I didn't go to college or go to college to learn computer science. I think it is difficult to change my career. so I can tell you that there is no difference. real knowledge is self-learned.

It seems that an educator is saying that the school should teach learning skills, not the knowledge itself. This is a good thing, especially in the last half.

Don't expect to be a programming guru after years of mixing in the computer department of a famous university (maybe this is lung talk, but I am talking about it from the heart ).

If you really want to learn something, maybe you don't want to go to college, it's better to study at home. you don't have to waste about 1 credit for 200 oceans (now at least 30 thousand yuan in 4 years at university, about 150 credits in total) enjoy the "high-performance hypnosis" of teachers, the hard-to-swallow meals in the canteen, and the crowded dormitory, without wasting precious time learning "Mao", "Deng Xuan ", courses such as "Ma zhe. (Hi, have you seen the way I look? ^ O ^)

If you are able to practice at home for four years, it will become a success. (Of course, it is not necessary to keep you behind closed doors .) not to mention your weak self-learning ability. what did the teacher teach you about self-learning? I can't understand the course, but I can't take the test. Why?

If you are not studying Computer in college but love this line, it is not too late to start after graduation. the development of this line is faster. Others have learned more than you for a few years, but what they have learned is outdated and everyone is on the same starting line. if you are optimistic about this industry, or if you feel that you are making a lot of money, it is better to study biotechnology. the prospect is far more brilliant than that of computers. the 1990s s were called the "Information Age" and have passed. The 21st Century was called the "Biological Century. I don't know whether the current university's biotechnology and bioengineering professional recording line is higher than the computer system? Don't jump to this it black hole, it's not good for yourself or the Chinese IT industry. calm positioning and wait-and-see: If you really decide your own path and have no regrets, let's proceed without hesitation. We will join our peers. success is ahead.

Assume that you are not satisfied with your current environment and your current ecosystem. I want to improve it by myself. I learned from the media that the IT field is fertile. you also know that China's IT industry is not good, there are many criticisms, and of course there are also many opportunities. so you want to do something, just worry about whether the time is too late, whether your qualifications and education are qualified. so you can rest assured that the big difference between the computer industry and other disciplines lies in its low threshold. no matter who you are or have you ever learned advanced mathematics, you only need to have a computer, a few CDs, a few books, a pair of hands and a head can start to do it. time is tight. You do not need to perform mathematical analysis, linear algebra, numerical analysis, discrete mathematics, digital circuits, Computation Theory, and compilation principles ...... proficient in Yang, find a handy rad tool and find another popular direction such as the network and database. you may not be able to get in touch with the most essential or cutting-edge things, but if you are willing to take the necessary time, you can definitely find a job with a high salary, which is very moist, it has also made its own contribution. because you do not have a good technical foundation, you may wish to try to learn from liberal arts or management, e-commerce, and so on. Cross-disciplinary direction development, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. this is precisely because many people are moving towards success, so some people ask whether the educational system is reasonable and whether university teaching is useful ...... (Do you still remember a bunch of headaches I listed above? Ha, for some people, it's just white learning.) You can do the same for others. Believe me, that's right. O)

The following two paragraphs are excerpted from Mr. Hou Junjie's article. I felt very touched when I read it. it's very easy to learn. I 've heard a lot and said a lot, which makes people feel numb. mr. Hou can interpret it in such a God-spreading way. I thought that if you can enter his status at that time, whether on campus or off campus, it is not far from success.

[The Half Year of the Central University went crazy. Every news person understands the meaning represented by crazy backs. I think a lot of things and have a few sleep. I remember that every time I took a ride back to the north from taichuang station, the car was not out of the station, and people were not awake. At that time, I was fascinated by my curiosity. It is a great pleasure to learn without pressure.]

[Machinery wants to start to develop artificial intelligence. My department is reorganized into an artificial intelligence department as instructed by its superiors. Engineers do not have the foundation of Artificial Intelligence. How can this problem be solved? Learning, so everyone starts learning artificial intelligence. That year's life was like PROLOG and Lisp.]

Of course, apart from the strength of learning, the learning process is also worth discussing. Maybe you are a "Airborne soldier", half the way into the IT industry. What is your attack route? Maybe you are a "Marine Corps". When you log on from the beach, a bastion host pushes forward to the IT peak, systematically learns, and what are your tactics ?...... Different people may have different situations. You are welcome to say "strategic route forward" for taking the road to it success ^_^


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