Sudden power outage causes the loss of RAID disk array card information to be restored

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Now many enterprise units have their own servers, RAID Class Server is the most widely used type of server. Sometimes the server will be the RAID disk array card information loss situation, such as the sudden power outage caused the RAID disk array card information loss, how to deal with it?
RAID information loss, generally refers to the raid management of hard disk information loss caused RAID error. In addition to sudden power outages, the supply voltage instability resulting in the loss of RAID information, hard disk physical failure (such as bad, disk error, RAID 5 damage more than 2 disks), after the hard drive sequence is wrong to start the system or change the configuration of the operation against the column magnetic reconfiguration RAID information, etc., These may cause the array card or RAID suite to fail.
Now there are not many solutions on the network, among which the raid information reconstruction method is recommended, but this method can only be used to solve the problem of RAID information loss in individual cases. General server RAID disk array failure, RAID array loss, the situation may be more complex, there is no technical knowledge or can not be self-addressed, and do not recommend self-processing. Therefore, when the server appears the RAID disk array card information loss (machine alarm or LED abnormal), must not try to force online, Rebuild, synchronization and other RAID repair operations, should take the emergency measures is to shut down the system power, the array disk sequentially numbered, Then report the exception to the vendor or professional disk array data repair company, and then contact a truly professional server repair company for data recovery processing.
According to statistics, 80% of data recovery failures are due to the failure of the RAID disk array card information in time to take effective measures or self-operation caused, and some server after-sales service is often not professional, RAID disk array problems after easy selection of reconstruction, data loss is even worse. So when choosing a data recovery service provider, you need to choose a professional server data recovery agency based on the scale and industry reputation, such as the Shanghai Day Shield Data Recovery Center , can help you to recover the data loss to the greatest extent possible.

Sudden power outage causes the loss of RAID disk array card information to be restored

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