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One of the suggestions for pumpkin is that it is best not to have the Xiami technicians use their own accounts to directly answer the strange questions raised by users in Xiami's suggestion team.

The train of thinking of technicians is different from that of trained customer service personnel. Often, the reaction of technicians inadvertently makes users uncomfortable.

In addition, several technical staff came to discuss the same issue. At last, the user did not know who was going to discuss the issue.


Let's talk about a few questions. I don't understand the technology. It's just from the user's perspective.

On the personal homepage, there is a "Recent listener" and "rankings of listener Songs ". However, only an album or an album can be recorded and played directly on the song page.


The intra-site notification may only be retained for 15 days. No explanation is found for this and no official answer is provided for the inquiry.


On October 13, it was found that the number of songs in the album was only several seconds and dozens of seconds. This problem also exists when I changed my album. Therefore, an error is reported ". Later I tried several albums and found that this problem was common.

Then we can see the first post asking this question. No official response is provided.

Then I can see another post asking this question. The reply is slow. Let the user change the line tool of Xiami and try again. I am still unhappy after I pointed out that I am not self-checking Xiami. I argued that I was self-checking and provided a temporary solution first.

The fact is that the temporary solution is useless, and the self-check is not followed.

Later I saw another post asking this question.

Today, this problem still exists.

In the two albums I reported an error that day, mongoshake replied to the insite message yesterday: "Please clear your cache and try it. It is normal in this little editor ".

I only need to clear the pile of items when I use a Tesco online shopping order, because it will bring some trouble to other online habits. After all, the purchase order has a rebate, do users need to clear cookies, temporary files, and historical records every day when listening to songs in Xiami?

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