Suicide physical testing

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Self-tested weight:

Please carry an item worth 115 in weight and jump off the same item on the 30 th floor. If this item lands before you, you will lose weight and need to gain weight. If you land before this item, you will lose weight and need to lose weight. If you land with this item at the same time, then you are the standard, just 115.

Respiration rate test:

Please immerse your boyfriend or husband's head in water for ten minutes, and then place it on the floor to quickly perform manual breathing on it. If you wake up within five minutes, your breathing frequency is good. If you wake up within ten minutes, your breathing frequency is the same; if you do not wake up within 30 minutes, call 120.

Vital volume test:

When there is more than one person, cast a stinking fart, and then squat down the body and breathe deeply. If no one is hiding your breath, it indicates that your vital capacity is good. If someone is hiding your breath, you should quickly escape from the scene and use the above methods to practice your vital capacity.

Neighbor friendliness test:

Please open all the windows at a.m. and adjust the audio to a moderate volume. In karaoke mode, sing "nothing" with the sound. If the neighbor has no adverse reaction, the friendliness of the neighbor is 100. If the ECHO is "neural, abnormal, Dog Day", the friendliness of the neighbor is 50; if you hear the sound of a 110 siren from far to near, you need to immediately close the sound and drill into the bed. Based on this judgment, your friendliness with your neighbors is 0.

Self-Charm test:

Please shout three times in the bustling streets: I am single! If more than five men come to inquire, your charm will be 100. If more than five men laugh at you, your charm will be 50, we recommend that you reduce the number of appearances.

Skin elasticity test:

Place a flea on your skin. After the flea jumps up, measure the height of the flea. If the height of a flea jump increases daily, the skin elasticity is good. If the height of a flea jump decreases daily, the skin elasticity is poor. If a flea falls to death, it indicates that your skin is not elastic.

Tooth strength test:

Please use your teeth to hold your boyfriend or husband's arm and gradually use them to measure the decibel of the call as soon as your boyfriend or husband makes a shout. If the measured value is higher than 100 decibels, the tooth strength is 100. If the measured value is between 50 and 80, the tooth strength is 50. If the measured value is 0, please take your boyfriend or husband to the hospital to check their pain points.

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