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In recent years, Search engine optimization and network marketing in the state-class market, coupled with the continuous maturation of foreign markets, once a simple search engine optimization has been the formula and procedures to replace. and search engines are different, and their algorithms are not the same. Today's SEO is a comprehensive quality of the consideration, but the customer's patience is greatly compressed, they need to be rapid results and effective income, resulting in the current seoer pressure is very large. More and more factors are considered, on the one hand, greatly enrich the search engine optimization vision and means, but also improve the threshold of search engine optimization entry.

Today's small series and you share, small series is how to do search engine optimization:

The first thing we have to do is the internal optimization of the site.

1, title, this place should be the focus of your optimization every time.

First of all, the title and keywords must be as consistent as possible. Analyze keyword competitive strength, so that keyword filter. We also need to do some of the long tail of the keyword that is conducive to improve the site traffic.

2, grasp the keyword density and description of the content.

Be sure to include keywords in your article description. The best way to do this is to use statements and phrases to contain your key words, but the density of the key words must be controlled well. And the description must be written euphemism, concise and powerful, do not copy inside the content.

3, the content of the website is very important, it is the soul of the entire website.

If your article is updated every day, Baidu also included, but included a few times, and no one to see your site. Then obviously there is something wrong with the content of your website. Good content will attract the arrival of the search engine and retain the vast number of customers, but also keep updating your site every day so that spiders can see new things when visiting. So the content quality of the article is very important.

The internal optimization is done, and the link to the outside is over.

1, the link inside the website.

To do a good job search engine optimization, then the site's internal links is a very important content, the site's internal links to distribute reasonable.

1, links are very important, it affects the entire site rankings.

Links not only determines the ranking of the site also directly affect the flow of the site, but not to say that more than the chain, ranking must be high, after all, decided to rank the factors there are many, outside the chain is just an important part of it.

2, high-quality links.

High-quality links are spoken every day, so I don't want to repeat it. Let me just emphasize one point: do not import external links to a page entirely.

Finally some details on the optimization problem.

1, the server and domain name selection

First of all, must choose a good domain name, and has not been punished by the search engine. Also choose a good server, if your site on the server often unstable, resulting in frequent web sites can not browse problems. Then your site will be greatly affected. Rankings will be difficult to improve. So the choice of the server is a very important part.

2, the structure of the website URL

The structure of your website URL should be carefully considered. Use a long element with a number and other characters as little as possible, preferably with a letter that has a pronounced tendency to appear. Of course, it's just a suggestion.

3. Meta tag

Try to write a specific label to your Web page that contains the key words you have made. For different Web content, you need to figure out the appropriate tags to improve the search engine's robot coverage of your site, and through this to identify the effective theme of your site. It is better to have a different label on each page to support it.

This is the youngest brother to do the site the simplest 3+3+3 mode, very suitable for beginners to learn. If you are a novice to build a station, follow this process to ensure that your ranking will be getting better.

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