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Sublime Text 3 Chinese version of the main features:

-Syntax highlighting, code hint completion, code folding, custom skin/color scheme, multi-note

-code map, multiple interface layouts, and full screen intrusion-free mode

-Fully open user-definable configuration with magical and practical editing state recovery function

-Powerful multi-line selection and multi-line editing

-Lightning fast File switching

-Jump as you like: Quickly list the elements that are/html with the positioning function, jump to a specified line

-Set all functions in a command panel

-package control (must not miss the expansion pack manager)

-Change theme or color scheme

Shortcut key Summary

Select Class

Ctrl+d selects the text that the cursor occupies, and continues, the next identical text is selected.

Alt+f3 selected text Press the shortcut key, you can select all the same text at once to edit simultaneously. Give a chestnut: quickly select and change all the same variable names, function names, and so on.

Ctrl+l Select the entire row, continue to select the next row, the effect is the same as the shift+↓ effect.

Ctrl+shift+l Select multiple rows First, and then press the shortcut key to insert the cursor at the end of each line to edit the rows at the same time.

Ctrl+shift+m Select the contents in parentheses (continue to select the parent bracket). Give me a chestnut: Quickly select the code in the delete function, rewrite the function body code, or rewrite the contents of the parentheses inside.

CTRL+M cursor moves to the end or start position within the parentheses.

Ctrl+enter inserts a new row in the next line. For a chestnut: even if the cursor is not at the end of the line, you can quickly insert a line down.

Ctrl+shift+enter inserts a new row in the previous line. For a chestnut: even if the cursor is not at the beginning of the line, it can be inserted quickly.

ctrl+shift+[Select the code, press the shortcut key, and collapse the code.

ctrl+shift+] Select the code, press the shortcut key, and expand the code.

Ctrl+k+0 expands all collapsed code.

ctrl+← move the cursor to the left and move the cursor quickly.

ctrl+→ move the cursor to the right and move the cursor quickly.

Shift+↑ select multiple rows upwards.

Shift+↓ Select multiple rows.

shift+← Select the text to the left.

shift+→ Select the text to the right.

ctrl+shift+← Select the text to the left of the unit.

ctrl+shift+→ Select the text to the right of the unit.

Ctrl+shift+↑ swaps the cursor line and the previous line of code (before inserting the row of the cursor into the previous row).

Ctrl+shift+↓ swaps the lines of the cursor and the next line of code (inserts the row of the cursor after the next line).

Ctrl+alt+↑ Add a multiline cursor up, and you can edit multiple lines at the same time.

Ctrl+alt+↓ adds a multiline cursor down to edit multiple lines at the same time.

Edit Class

Ctrl+j Merge the selected lines of code to one line. For a chestnut: merge the CSS properties of the multiline format into one line.

Ctrl+shift+d the entire line where the cursor is copied, and inserts it into the next row.

Tab right indent.

Shift+tab indents to the left.

Ctrl+k+k removes code from the cursor at the end of the line.

Ctrl+shift+k Delete the entire row.

ctrl+/Comment Line.

ctrl+shift+/comment Multiple lines.

Ctrl+k+u convert uppercase.

Ctrl+k+l convert lowercase.

CTRL + Z undo.

Ctrl+y restore Undo.

Ctrl+u soft undo, feeling and gtrl+z the same.

CTRL+F2 setting bookmarks

Ctrl+t around the letter interchange.

F6 Word detection spelling

Search class

Ctrl+f Open the bottom search box to find keywords.

Ctrl+shift+f in folders, unlike the normal editor is sublime allow to add multiple folders to find, slightly high-end, not researched.

Ctrl+p Open the Search box. For a chestnut: 1. Enter the file name in the current project, quickly search for files, 2, enter @ and keywords, find the function name in the file, 3, enter: And number, jump to the line code in the file, 4, enter # and keyword, find the variable name.

Ctrl+g Open the Search box and automatically take:, enter a number to jump to that line of code. For a chestnut: Quickly locate a file in which the page code is relatively long.

Ctrl+r Open the Search box, automatically with @, enter keywords, find the function name in the file. For a chestnut: Quickly find a function on a page with more functions.

CTRL +: Open the search box, automatically with #, enter keywords, find variable names in the file, attribute names, and so on.

Ctrl+shift+p Open the Command box. Scene Chestnut: Open the Name box, enter the keyword, call sublime text or plug-in features, such as using the package installation plugin.

ESC exits the cursor multi-line selection, exits the search box, command box, and so on.

Display class

Ctrl+tab Toggles the tab of the current window in the order in which the files were browsed.

Ctrl+pagedown Toggles the tab of the current window to the left.

Ctrl+pageup Toggles the tab of the current window to the right.

alt+shift+1 window split screen, restore the default 1 screen (non-keypad number)

Alt+shift+2 left and right split screen-2 columns

Alt+shift+3 left and right split screen-3 columns

Alt+shift+4 left and right split screen-4 columns

Alt+shift+5 4 Screen

Alt+shift+8 Vertical Split Screen-2 screen

Alt+shift+9 Vertical Split Screen-3 screen

Ctrl+k+b Toggle the sidebar on/off.

F11 Full Screen mode

SHIFT+F11 free-to-disturb mode

Powerful editor, Rich plug-in, the front-end developer must artifact, but prefer elegant color matching, with very handy, highly recommended.

Sulime text Common shortcut key summary

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