sulphur.experts.sulsim.v7.0 Sulfur Recovery simulation software

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sulphur.experts.sulsim.v7.0 Sulfur Recovery simulation software
Sulsim is the sulphur experts company full Process sulfur recovery simulation software. The interactive settings feature allows us to support the software

Processes, typically including improved Claus process, sub-dew point Claus process, selective oxidation, and multiple

Exhaust gas treatment process. The desulfurization process that we have identified can then be graphically displayed on the screen. This high degree of flexibility makes me

We can simulate all the sulfur recovery processes associated with gas treatment plants and refineries in a very good way. qq:16264558 tel:13963782271
At any point in the program, the Claus reaction furnace and downstream processes support the multi-strand feed, while the program also supports the process gas cycle operation. This

This allows us to handle a wide range of incoming materials, such as acid water removal gas, amine plant re-angry, gas and tail gas circulation logistics. The software uses sequential

The calculation method strictly calculates the material balance and heat balance from the reaction furnace to the incinerator or the tail gas treatment unit.
Sulsim supports running multiple parallel computing processes (up to 4) in one simulation file to simulate the entire sulfur recovery process. Sulsim also supports the full

A part of a process that simulates any combination of a unit or several cells in a process.
Features of Sulsim
Amsim's Links
Running the Sulsim allows us to simulate a complex process that includes sulfur recovery and exhaust gas processing units
Result output to spreadsheet
Sulsim adds the ability to output data to Excel, which is implemented through the menu bar's file---output to excel. This output function

Enables the simulation results to be passed to a newly generated Excel workbook that includes the material balance, the device health summary, the group

into a data summary. The material balance includes a flow chart generated by the Sulsim and a successful logistics information such as temperature, pressure, enthalpy and composition. Table

The information in the grid is set by the user.
Output Flowchart (PFD)
The flowchart includes information about all the logistics in the process. The figure can be set and output to Excel as required in Sulsim.
Delete prompt
When you delete an object in a process, Sulsim prompts the user to confirm
File processing
Sulsim supports sulsim®5 files and adds some advanced file handling features
Sulsim also inherits some of the good features of Sulsim®5, which include:
L improved the simulation of the reaction furnace: thermodynamic model and empirical kinetic model for the feeding of rich liquid and poor liquid, and for the special application of ammonia combustion and oxygen enrichment

Model, output settings to match factory measurement composition results
Empirical simulation of the catalytic hydrolysis process of cos and CS2: The temperature and catalyst conditions obtained from empirical data can accurately predict the processes of hydrolysis

L Reformer Furnace Point optimization program: automatically converge to a pre-set dew point margin within each catalyst bed layer.
L New empirical model of heat exchanger: the reaction of simulating several substances (such as h2,co,cos and H2S) in a waste heat exchanger is presented.

A new system Experience model
L Convergence criteria: convergence criteria can be adjusted to speed up the operation of the simulation
L Flexible Air Conditioning: Exhaust conditions can be set to "air indicator", "ratio of H2S to SO2", "H2S concentration" or "SO2

The concentration ".
Technical information of Sulsim
User interface
Sulsim is able to graphically continuously display specific processes on the Windows platform, as well as the flexibility to input and output file output to the screen,

Printing machine or disk files. The program supports multiple computed sequences in a single analog file, and also enables multiple files to be opened simultaneously on the screen.
Sulsim provides users with a large number of tables for printing and saving, and the contents of these tables can be selectively output data according to the user's needs.

。 Typical output data includes the following:
L Total flow of materials and composition percentage or component molar flow
• Material and energy balance for each unit operation and total cross-calculation of the entire process
L Summary of relevant data for each unit operation, including: thermal load, one-way and cumulative conversion rate, recovery, calculated flow, temperature and dew

Point, air indicator, sulfur vapor-liquid phase flow
The Sulsim can display the entire complex process on the screen, and the user can operate on each unit as needed, turning the process into the kind they need

Child The user can also generate a copy of the flowchart through the program. The on-screen real-time display also allows the user to choose to display specific parameters directly (

such as temperature, pressure and the name of the unit operation). These data are automatically updated as the operation parameters are changed and the calculation results are changed.
Friendly interface
Sulsim is fully interactive with the user in interface design and incorporates many advanced commands and help. The program also contains a number of default values that enable

The user can complete the simulation without providing all the data.
Thermodynamics and empirical data
The format of the thermodynamic data used by the program is the same as that used by McBride, and most of the data is taken from there. The sulfur vapor data comes from

Western research, these data are from the literature and improve the laboratory and field data of the Electrolux reaction. Thermodynamic data used by the program

The library consists of 23 molecules that meet most of the improved Claus sulfur recovery processes. In addition, the program can give all 9 kinds of sulfur gas phase morphology, to meet

Simulation of any process.
The Sulsim employs an interactive graphical interface that enables us to process the entire flow of sulfur recovery and the unit operations that are commonly used in the improved Claus process, including burning

Furnaces and other exhaust gas processing units to make a complete set-up.

sulphur.experts.sulsim.v7.0 Sulfur Recovery simulation software

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