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= = = Some little truth

In the path of success, the choice is greater than the effort

Sometimes you'll find that things always go the way you can think of the worst-Murphy's law

= = = = About Agility
Adapt to change, people-oriented
1. Human-oriented rather than process-oriented
2. Active adaptation rather than pre-set
3, get rid of the tedious things, but not to do, just to clear the direct hit theme

Agile Development believes that effective communication and collaboration between people is the most important, through all processes and tools to see the essence, in fact, is to enable people to collaborate in the development of software. If you can maintain the most effective communication and collaboration, then why care about the process and tools.

Agile development embraces change, responds to change, and does not adhere to the plan. Agile Development believes that in the software development process, the future is not fully predictable, and requires a high degree of self-management software development team, managers to fully trust the development team.

The traditional development process argues that the future can be planned and forecasted, and that managers do not fully trust the development team to manage the project through command and control.

The essence of Agile development: All activities are value-oriented;

The manager role in Agile is more like a football coach, he is not going to play football, the players are really playing.

Several ways to be agile

Core: Communication, simplicity, feedback and courage. Through full communication and communication, make the design as simple and clear as possible, at the same time, through regular customer feedback, production of software products in line with customer requirements, and have the courage to meet the needs of change.

Divides the software development lifecycle into multiple iterations, each of which involves business modeling, requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing, deployment, configuration and change management, project management, and the environment.

Main idea: Eliminate waste, spend all of your time on things that can increase customer value, delay decision-making, software development in a complex and changeable environment, the need to maintain the openness of options according to the actual situation, but the time can not be too long, early delivery, the faster the software delivery cycle, the user needs will be more clear The more flexibility the software needs to respond to changes in demand, the more the customer needs to drive the progress of the work, the reinforcement of learning, the recognition of the existence and unpredictability of change, the enhancement of feedback and communication, the discovery of problems in practice, the resolution of problems, and the eventual formation of solutions; empowering teams, the right decisions depend on accurate information, Involve the development team in decision making, allowing team members to reach their full potential.

List tasks, sort tasks, prioritize tasks, communicate daily, review and summarize regularly

Communication in agile is important, and an effective communication plan should be developed before.

= = = = One quqestion:
1. You say that in scrum, if the requirements change in the sprint, it is the response in this sprint. Or respond in the next sprint.

I think I need to do it.
In agile, in self-management, do not forget to put your plans, actions to inform your leaders and related personnel.

Daily scrum: To record meeting content, send mail

====scrum Team

The scrum team needs a cross-functional team and requires flexible communication. In fact, scrum is similar to breaking a big task into multiple, complete small tasks.

= = The true meaning of agility
Agile is not in the form, he is like a CMM is a thought.

To maximize the investment and return, quickly reflect the market change, agile development is the best weapon to respond to the crisis.

Speed up the build frequency and let the problem of environmental inconsistency be exposed as early as possible, of course, how to solve the problem of inconsistent environment is the best

The core value of agile development is that software development is the most important to provide users with valuable and working software. How to guarantee the provision of valuable software is done through feedback mechanism.

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