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Tomorrow is my participation Work The first year of the second anniversary is three weeks, three months, six months, and one year respectively. I have benefited a lot from this. It may be helpful to paste the old post link summarized in the first year below.

Different from the first year's summary, I write my work for one year in chronological order, which may be very similar to a journal account for readers, but I will personally help me a lot. Year after year, the so-called experience is a comprehensive accumulation of business, technology, and mentality. If it is written separately as in the first year, it will make a discount for the valuable accumulation of the year. Sorry here.

PS: My main tools are VB and VB. NET.

After finishing that post last year, my work was in a low mood. Due to some uncontrollable factors, it is very likely to resign. At that time, I was faced with two choices. 1. Leaving the company meant leaving the place I liked and making a huge change. 2. Keep it. This is a bet, and it is very likely that you will be pushed to the passive position of 10 thousand.

I chose to stay, which is quite difficult for me. In the meantime, I had a long talk with my boss (G) and burst into tears on the phone.

Although you choose to leave, you must be prepared to leave your job.
During that time, the software went to a stable stage, and every day it was necessary to install patches. In addition, close to the end of the year, the enthusiasm of colleagues is not that good. I remember that I was a 100%-plus employee and used all the time I could use to write a summary report. The summary report is not a routine, but a very detailed description of how my software is built, from algorithm to implementation, from Requirement Analysis to test feedback. Text, charts, and so on do not achieve the screen. It is to do everything possible to keep the people who take over the work up to date as soon as possible. The mood is like a will.

During that time, there was always a scene that kept appearing in my mind. The new employee asked someone who was in this position, then said this Sb, and wrote this junk code. If it's so embarrassing, who is that SB? To make it as detailed as possible. At the same time, it is not ugly. Since the software started from scratch, I have marked out many unsatisfactory and unmodifiable code that I can't modify one by one after a year, note the need to re-write the function or combine the work.

In addition to writing reports, I also tried to split the functions into controls or encapsulate them into classes. In the beginning, this was purely intended to fill up the time. Later, it was found that this provided a lot of convenience for the future. One of the controls I made was applied to other parts of the entire system. Now, the whole process is a good exercise for analyzing the entire system from a global perspective.

I am really lucky to remember that I got what I got in lunar January 16 and my job was saved. That is a memorable day. After I completely pushed myself into a "vacuum" zone for eight weeks, I went back to my normal life.

I have not read the report, but it is very valuable to me and lays a good foundation for my work this year.

After everything returns to normal, my first task is to use ide to draw pictures. Because the software has high requirements on some graphics, the method I used was not very good. So I began to seek a new solution to the problem. IDE plotting is much faster than stacking controls I used, Effect A little better, but the machine seems to be dead after several seconds of drawing. In addition, it is not as convenient as the original method after painting, which is basically used for demonstration or printing. Soon it was abandoned.
Now, I can only look at the material and use ide to draw pictures.

I did not find a way to replace ide. When I had no idea how to achieve high performance, our boss said that I could use other application software libraries. He suggested that I try PowerPoint. This is experience. I am still stuck with VB, and my boss has found another way.

This experience makes me know that when a software platform itself cannot do something, it may provide some key to open other doors, instead of breaking the south wall, it is better to find a springboard or a channel.

Therefore, VB calls PowerPoint as the graphical demonstration part, and the effect is much better than the original one, and it is also convenient to print. Later, I used PDF instead of PowerPoint, and added a few changes to form a good unmodifiable data graphics report.

In a hurry, in late April, I took some annual leave and went back to my house on public holidays. Tired. It's time to rest.

At the end of the holiday, the boss g started working in Soho on Monday.

This change has brought four changes to my working model.
1. The schedule is more flexible. As long as the report is handed over on time on Monday, no one will worry about how to schedule the schedule. So I used my work hours to compress my work time and made a 16-day detailed travel plan. When I came back from my trip, I wrote Travel Notes and found that I was at work.
2. The report should be written on time and written more formally. I hate this, but there is no way. Any changes must be filed in black and white to facilitate your query.
3. Another colleague is totally responsible for me. Speaking of V, it often makes me crazy. She can write Program But you don't need to worry about it. She can write it only when the flowchart is there. I don't know anything, or I don't know how to ask right away. I don't have the habit of checking data. However, V also has the advantage that no matter what kind of program, she will make a very clean and tidy interface, which greatly improves our goodwill for testing teams. V1.
4. Lack of G and a good discussion partner. I am very close to G's logic thinking method, so it is easy to communicate, and it is very convenient to discuss it in the same system. Without G, I not only went to a person who discussed the business, but also went to other offices.

How to form an efficient team with V has become the most important thing I think for a certain period of time. Of course, it is also in two small Engineering Lessons learned from failure.

When I arrived at G's procuratorial work on Monday, I had no progress or simply failed. I am the one responsible, but that result really doesn't depend on me, crazy.
All I do now is, G will give the task to me for analysis. Which part I will do, which part I will give to V, find the solution, explain it to V in detail as much as possible, and tell her which technologies are feasible. At the same time, I also wrote a flowchart and sent two emails to V and G. For any changes in the project progress. Check V's work every Thursday, make up for leaks on Friday, and confirm the progress and development with her on Friday afternoon.

I don't know if this is an efficient combination, but we work like this. Although a lot of time is wasted, at least make sure you know everything you hand over.

My own work during this period is the "reconnaissance" of software platform conversion ". I started my exploration of converting from VB to

The learning phase once again makes it clear to me what is quantitative change to qualitative change, and it cannot be opportunistic.

I am relatively biased in my work, and there are not many practical and useful methods on the network. I also posted a post asking for a prompt answer, but all of them ended in failure. Returning to the source, it is quite difficult for msdn to establish diplomatic relations with msdn. There was no progress in my project in the last two weeks. In addition to knowing n many unusable methods, no usable methods were found. I am confused by the title of Lu Xun. I always look forward to finding the answer today, and the result is disappointing. I remember that on Friday of the next week, I suddenly felt very open, and msdn looked much better. I read it and understood it. The solution will come out naturally.

By the way, msdn Chinese translation is a bad one. View English I always feel that I have a problem when I do not understand it. One day I suddenly saw N programmers complain that msdn does not understand it in an English forum, and I am relieved. But I have to say that the Chinese version is really not great. There are so many MVPs in csdn. If the ox people re-translate msdn based on their own experience, it is really a piece of merit.

The process of climbing to VB. NET is a bit of a twist for me. Let's take a two step back. Because I am not familiar with it, I cannot guarantee that the method I have found is the best. Therefore, I have to try to find different methods to solve some problems and then select a better one. A major technological change is to introduce the object-oriented concept into practical work. I remember the last full object-oriented development was still using Java.

Object-oriented. I seem to understand this concept, but it is certainly not enough. Therefore, I analyzed the original program and modified the class. Other things are multithreading, and VB does not seem to support multithreading. Therefore, this part is not done in the original version. Now is used.

The Platform update project is still in progress.

The summer in is good, and Saturday is a feast for the World Cup. Now I can recall that I was so disappointed when I went out of England. I remember that when I left qizu, I was so sad that I didn't quite remember what I did at work that time. I guess I just flipped through the hateful msdn in the gap between the joke and the ball. It's a really happy month. It's good to watch the ball after work and get to work and have fun with other male colleagues. The boss is also a fan, and that's even better.

The memories of work started after the Italians won the Hercules cup.

After the World Cup, my task shifted to analyzing software in the same industry. My industry is relatively biased, so there are not many companies in total, and there are two main competitors. what I do is "use", use their systems to see where they are strong, and analyze their database structure and the format of exported files. Try a conversion tool to easily convert old data when the customer decides to discard the other party and buys our system.

This task has no technical innovation and is completely familiar with the business. Analyzing the other party's system is like looking at different solutions. This process is quite interesting, especially when you see your original idea that you don't want to give up and the other party changes it to achieve the same effect.
Although the same market, different software has its own characteristics. Whether some functions are worth adding or not requires significant adjustments to the foundation of our own system. Although some functions are easy to add, how can we arrange them from the perspective of time manpower. Although such things are not taken into consideration by small soldiers like me, it is always no harm to think about them more and write a report or something for the first time.

As experience increases, you are familiar with your business. The arrangement of headers is becoming more and more simple. From the beginning, we have to put forward the details. Now we only need to make a rough decision. Sometimes we have to use a few terms and analyze the other terms on our own. It's like when I was a child, I wrote a essay and started to give a requirement outline for a question. Now I am completely a proposition essay with no limitations on the genre. In this case, I feel very important.

That's all. I'm so tired. It is recommended that you set bricks or tiles. Please do not hesitate to inform us.

Say two digress,
1. I really appreciate all of you in my MSN and Forum. Let's just say nothing.
2. The greatest achievement of this year was the 16-day independent travel, which completed a childhood dream. In middle school, I felt that my life would not be completed. I did not expect that my dream would come true in less than 10 years. Great

Or that sentence: Look up to be a person, bow down to work, and live a happy little day.

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