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Website promotion is an urgent concern of every webmaster. Now we have sorted out the common 100 promotion ideas. You can use your favorite methods based on your own capabilities and external environment. I hope this will be helpful to all webmasters.

1. QQ Group website promotion method. Add dozens of qq groups to each qq group and send websites every day. An average of 50 qq * Each qq is added to 50 groups * 50 people in each group = 75000 people. If qq is more, more groups are added, and a large group is added. If each group has more people, the promotion effect is better. Even if you exclude non-Online qq users, the effect cannot be underestimated. You must bear the burden of humiliation, not afraid of being kicked. In addition, you can send Group emails in the QQ group. For example, you can recommend the excellent content on your website the mail.

2. Search Engine website promotion method. Today's new webmaster is most keen on this short and fast method. The function of searching for a website is to integrate network resources to find the most suitable website content for Internet users. Bringing traffic to other websites is an unexpected side effect. Many webmaster websites seem to have become seo zones. The best seo method is webpage code specification, fast access, unique content, few duplicates, useful to netizens, and unique.

3. Soft Text website promotion law. Write an article, or quote a good article to add your own website.

4. Blog website promotion method. Soft articles must be published. One is sent to the Forum, the other is to the blog. Posting to a blog has the advantage of not being deleted randomly.

5. media website promotion law. Let traditional media, newspapers, television, broadcast, and so on.

6. Mobile website promotion law. Wap websites, mass text messages, and ring tones. Mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful and easy to carry. In the future, the number of Internet users on mobile phones will definitely exceed the number of computers.

7. Website extraction promotion method. Improve the quality of web pages, images, and posts to online sites and aggregate websites. If recommended, there will also be a lot of traffic.

8. Forum website promotion law. Register dozens of hundreds of forums, register dozens of accounts for each forum, and set the signature to your website. Post hot content on your own. Change the vest to publish controversial titles. A good title is 100% of Forum promotion success or failure. The Forum here refers to a wildcard Forum, including a message book, forum, or post bar, where all netizens may gather.

9. Third-pole website promotion law. Add your fortune third-pole number while promoting the website. Add the third-pole number of wealth to the content of each web page to increase awareness and generate additional wealth income.

10. qq and msn nickname website promotion method. Change nickname to a Web site, such as

11. email list website promotion method. Is to regularly send electronic magazines to netizens.

12. unexpected email website promotion law. Use a professional mass mailing tool to collect e-mail addresses in batches on the Internet, and then send emails in batches. Today, many websites use email boxes as user names. Therefore, it is much more convenient to collect email addresses than before, and these mailboxes are all live mailboxes, which are frequently used by netizens, rather than an invalid mailbox, the effect is good. The mail title should be "standardized". Do not mistakenly think it is spam.

13 koubei website promotion law. Make good content so that netizens can actively spread your website.

14 restricted content website promotion law. Divide the website content into access levels and set access conditions. Give a promotion link to a netizen. The netizen can access this content only after recommending a visitor or registering a member. Non-mainstream love websites use this method to achieve remarkable results.

15 website ranking voting website promotion method. Adding to the rankings of Websites launched by other websites or ranking other websites can effectively improve the website display rate.

16 aggregation link website promotion method. Aggregates excellent content to attract Internet users.

17 bt diansuo WAGA resource website promotion method. You can put your own website into audio and video files, especially in some video files that require certificates, or even pop-up websites. Some webmasters use this method to publish a video file with the help of the latest film release time, so they can get hundreds of thousands of ip addresses. The effect is absolutely first-class.

18. website promotion method for watermarking images. Preventing other websites from referencing images is not only unfriendly and ineffective, but also blocks the indexing of search engines. From a certain perspective, other websites are also special netizens on their own websites. If you add a watermark to a website, add the website address "watermark. Watermark method, including image watermark method, video watermark method, web page watermark method ......

19 video source flash website promotion method. Today's video websites all provide external access interfaces. While referencing videos from other websites and logs, the website has been directly promoted to expand its influence.

20. submit it to the website promotion site, website navigation site, and website directory site.

21. website promotion method for exchanging links. This is the most original website promotion website.

21. Promotion of free one-way link websites. Providing links to other websites without charge can enrich the information of your website, and the results of your webpage may appear when a netizen searches for another website.

22 website exchange link Promotion Law. This is the most popular website promotion method a few years ago, and today there are very few exchange chain websites.

23. Submit the promotion method of friendship links in batches. Use an automatic submission tool to submit links to other websites. When webmasters review whether they pass your website, they will contribute an ip address to you. The development of human society is due to the improvement of tool automation. It is necessary to make full use of the advantages of automation, digitization, and batch data transmission over the Internet, and be good at using batch promotion tools to save manpower and repetitive work.

24 website promotion Alliance website promotion law. A hero cannot be used alone. After all, a person's energy, time, and wisdom are too small to use external forces. Several webmasters joined together to reach a consensus on publicity. When promoting your website, you can also bring it to other websites. Use the same effort to get more benefits.

25 traffic statistics website promotion method. Put an iframe page reference code on all the pages of the website, put the statistician of other websites on the referenced page, and use the program code control to change the statistics id. When other webmasters view the statistics, when you browse the access source, your website appears. Generally, Webmasters can click to view the information. This promotion method works well and is a secret-based trick. Many people know that Baidu and google are capable of accessing websites.

26. website promotion method for interchange channels. Exchange channels with other websites. It is to promote the website as a channel of its own. In this way, they can join each other and help each other. The power is huge.

27. Free resource website promotion law. Other websites are provided with free services, such as free statistics, free evaluation, free weather query code, free blog, free ip address query code, free stock query code, and free search code, free online customer service system, free message book, free Domain Name, free space, free pr rating, free ebook, free inquiry, free qq hanging, free authentication, free materials, etc. Make your own services the standard configuration for other websites. After a long time, the traffic will naturally become available.

28 content Alliance website promotion law. This method is suitable for webmasters with server resources. A platform can be provided to bind the domain names of other websites and send the head and end advertisement positions of the websites to other webmasters to attract other websites. It seems that we are doing wedding clothes for other websites. In fact, we are promoting our website and increasing the website's popularity and influence. The biggest traffic on the network is not to search for websites, but other websites. The search traffic is large, but on average, there are dozens of websites, which is of little significance to you. Pulling a webmaster is better than pulling thousands of netizens. This method is long-lasting.

29. Forced website promotion. For example, miibeian and local public security bureaus can force websites to put links. This is not common. But it can be used in disguise, such as the hacker's Link Method.

30. bigger and stronger website promotion method. For example, portal. Make small websites proud of Adding links to their websites. Although few websites get the benefit of one star and a half from the portal website, the natural worship of the strong still makes countless webmasters devote themselves to the link and take it as a glorious one. Whether people pay attention to and appreciate the situation is another thing.

31 client software plug-in website promotion method. Webmasters with technical knowledge can use this method. To develop popular client software commonly used by Internet users, such as qq, online game, and Xunlei, a tool-type website can pop up. You can directly pop up the homepage a few activity pages. The results are amazing.

32. Free website promotion method for paid resources. For example, software registration codes, registration numbers, serial numbers, and serial number-free software are provided for a long time to improve website stickiness. For example, the ghost version of the operating system supports websites with a daily access volume of hundreds of thousands of ip addresses. Yu lin Mufeng tomato garden jujumao and so on.

33. Group website promotion method. Today's web2.0 and other social websites all have this function. Send messages to the group to attract attention.

34. website promotion method for publishing tasks. Releasing a task on Weike website not only attracts people who accept the task, but also attracts a large number of onlookers. Make full use of this one-to-many communication advantage.

35. Issue a leaflet to publicize the website promotion law. They can be printed and published by themselves, or they can work with other traditional enterprises to use their existing channels. For example, if you are working with a supermarket, print your website the purchase ticket /. You can exchange resources on the website with supermarkets.

36 traffic exchange Alliance website promotion law. Join the traffic exchange alliance and use a professional traffic exchange system platform to directly exchange traffic with other websites for mutual benefit and common development.

37. Visitors are encouraged to publicize the website promotion law. As for how to impress Internet users with word-of-mouth publicity, the website content should be flexibly arranged. Generally, the novelty, fun, and interactive content has a good effect. For example, webpage content such as testing, evaluation, holiday promotion, and funny is easily spread. You can consider how your website can discover this material.

38 business card website promotion method. On the business card and the manual, print the website and write the website on all the documents that you can control.

39. Add the website promotion method to your email payment. In the email settings, set it. Writing in the future will be automatically added, saving you a lot of trouble.

40 online competition website promotion law. For example, the beauty evaluation, website evaluation, and other qualification competitions.

41. Paid promotion website promotion law. If some methods do not work for free. As long as the cost-effectiveness is appropriate, if you go out for one, you can withdraw two, you may wish to pay for the promotion. If you are willing to give up, you will still be able to run back.

42 Division of Labor website promotion law. The improvement of social efficiency is the improvement of tool automation level, and the value of division of labor. Limited capabilities, good at integrating external forces, employing others for promotion, and handing over professional things to professional people to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

43 Effect-based website promotion method. If you have resources that can be sold, you may wish to promote them on the Internet in a pay-as-you-go manner, so you can get a lot of traffic for free.

44. Set it as the homepage and add it to the favorite website promotion method. If the content on your website is good enough, visitors may be willing to visit your website for a long time. At this point, I would like to pay extra attention to the issue of reminding netizens.

45. Promotion of toilet painting websites. This method is used with caution, and there is a precedent for the loss. It is not recommended.

46. Promotion of promotional websites. Various offline activities and parties.

47 broad field effect website promotion method. Add the website your clothes and visit the most visited places. It is best to be in the presence of reporters, which is prone to news effects. This is because reporters have nothing to do all day, and they like such gossip most.

48 greeting card website promotion law. When someone else sends a greeting card, they will promote your website by the way.

49 event chain reaction website promotion method. Hype. Specifically, it is to challenge people's psychological endurance bottom line and train people's psychological endurance.

50 Question and Answer website promotion law. Answer others' questions on some knowledge and knowledge websites. Or answer your questions.

51 encyclopedia website promotion law. Add content to the online encyclopedia.

52. rss website promotion method. There are many rss aggregation websites that can make their own website rss and submit them to these websites.

53 Internet cafe promotion website promotion law. If there is a relationship, you can set the sub-homepage of the Internet cafe as your own website.

54 webmaster communication website promotion law. Communicate with other webmasters to discuss promotion methods. Maybe there will be unexpected surprises. In the exchange of experiences with others, there is often a spark of inspiration. Do not mean your own experience. When you tell others, it is also a systematic, systematic, rational purification of your experience.

55 webpage virus website promotion method. You can use dns vulnerabilities, server vulnerabilities, and program vulnerabilities of other websites to directly link your website to quickly increase the website penetration rate. This is the most powerful alternative promotion method. The column of the method to be cleared.

56 toll-based website promotion law. If you have telecommunications and other resources and have mastered the webpage transmission channel, you can complete each webpage and add the content you want to add.

57 domain name website promotion law. Humans are the animals that make mistakes. Studying the domain names of high-traffic websites, analyzing the various possibilities of misspelling, registering corresponding domain names can also get a lot of traffic. If it is applied to website content construction, you can use misspelled characters of popular content to construct and optimize the content.

58 classification information website promotion method. Go to different types of information stations to publish website information.

59 free Domain Name website promotion law. You can provide second-pole domain names for other sites, or apply for free domain names for other sites to direct them to your own sites.

60 chat room website promotion law. Promote in various chat rooms. Note that a reason for sending a link is given.

61 speech website promotion law. Various lectures and speeches were held to attract new visitors to the website.

62 special resource website promotion law. For example, the College Entrance Examination Query, CET-4 and CET-6 resources are accessible by stakeholders.

63. Imitate the website promotion method. Learn everything. Learn how to promote other websites and see where the links of other websites appear. Imitation is the foundation of innovation, and innovation is the sublimation of imitation. Innovation = imitation + experience accumulation + batch quantification + automation.

64 passive promotion website promotion method. To improve the quality of your website, it is the best promotion method to make a website that has unique help to the Internet users, so that netizens like your website and spread your website spontaneously.

65 to zero website promotion law. Create a secondary version for each business website. Use platforms on other websites to promote your own things.

66. The website promotion method is also called the series method. Do not provide all the valuable content at a time. Every day, the content is provided for several weeks or months in a row, allowing netizens to repeatedly visit the website. It is similar to the TV station playing TV series and newspaper novel serialization mode. For example, if Chibi blocks his waist and splits it into two halves, it will be able to sell twice the price and earn twice the box office. This kind of practice should also be learned for websites.

67 create a brand website promotion method. In fact, brand building is not difficult, very simple. The information on the internet is vast, and the old information is filled with various websites, with extremely small values. Webmasters can continuously collect theme Information, maintain, supplement, and update old content based on the latest conditions and conditions, and regularly publish the content to other websites in chronological order, improve website influence. When people need this information, the only place to go is the origin of this information. It is so easy to build a brand. With the brand awareness, the website naturally has traffic, and by the way, the whole website can be active. For example, Zhongguancun online computer accessories prices, Baidu's search rankings, and xueyuanyuan football instant score.

68-language version website promotion method. Use the free translation functions provided by some websites to build websites of different language versions, such as traditional and English versions, to expand the applicable audience of websites.

69 website promotion method for website construction programs. Develop a set of website programs for free. Website programs must include developer copyright links. Currently, non-popular blog programs, Forum programs, and other developer websites are popular, and the traffic is high and scary. If you are a webmaster, why not study it. Even if the full version cannot be developed, a secondary development will be carried out, and various theme versions will be released to various source code sites.

70 website template website promotion law. This is easy to understand. The webpage architect HTML, the webpage beautician CSS, And the webpage magician JavaScript are used to design a new interface for the popular website program and publish it to the corresponding website, you can leave the template address of the website, such as上 templates, which can provide a high exposure rate. The template is easy to create. You can change the color, Font, and page element position. As long as you care about it, you can't do it. The key is to learn the train of thought and learn everything in mind.

71. Promotion of storytelling and publishing websites. Books can be read repeatedly for a long time, which has a huge impact on people. Websites can also leave an indelible impression on people.

72. Create a new concept website promotion law. Let the new concept become synonymous with the website. When people use this concept, they naturally promote your website. It gives people preconceived information and integrates it into people's lives. This publicity effect is unshakable. The concept name can be fixed, but the content of the concept can change frequently to meet people's persistent and changing needs.

73. Rename the website promotion method. Change the name of an entity such as city name, company name, road, person name, nickname, building name, or community name to a website address. In this way, the website will be highly exposed and frequently used, and the website will naturally appear in various lists, such as maps, news reports, and people's daily interactions. In short, both propagation efficiency and effectiveness are very high.

74 calendar wallpaper website promotion method. Make a variety of exquisite and unique style calendar pictures for people to use desktop wallpaper for computers. As soon as a netizen opens the computer, your website will jump to PC. Over 300 days a year, users are reminded every day that your website is useful to them.

75 Law on Promotion of marriage websites. In all kinds of newspapers and magazines online, the whole version of the form of marriage, contact information only left a web site. It can not only attract applicants, but also attract a large number of idle and boring people who like hunting. For details, refer to the previous "Marriage Association" events.

76 public transit station website promotion law. When a station is set up in a popular area in the city, the passengers will surely be able to notice that they cannot go around. This method is most suitable for bus companies.

77 MAP website promotion method. Make the website headquarters appear on the map. Maps are widely spread, widely used, and frequently used. This method is suitable for wealthy people with special relationships. Study the map of your location and see what company name appears on it. Think about how people appear on it and imitate it. If you can't do this, you may have to ask yourself for help and make your website a map and a platform.

78. To make a website the only one in the hearts of netizens, they only need to increase their values and boast their own opinions, so that netizens believe that you are the best, you are the best, and you are the famous brand. Allowing Internet users to visit your site has become a symbolic identity, a sign that shows their own value, and greatly satisfies people's vanity. This can be achieved by setting access restrictions. People are naturally excited about breaking limits. Once a restriction is set, the value of the item is high. People never understand the truth: the most valuable thing in the world is free.

79 portal website promotion law. In the vast sea of people, everyone enters and exits in various entrances and exits, wandering around and seeking for live fun and significance. Have they been found? You may be able to do something for it.

80 recruitment website promotion law. Today's technological and social development, the trend of replacing people with machine tools is becoming more and more obvious. It is a common social phenomenon to do nothing, and jobs have become a scarce resource, the slogan "serving the people" becomes synonymous with power-winning. Serving the people is no longer glorious. It is glorious to take the initiative to give up a job that is not competent. But who would like to give up? It is foreseeable that in the near future, automated tools will completely replace human repetitive work, and everyone will have nothing to do. Everyone will survive by social security. However, where is the universal social survival guarantee today? Since the qualification for serving the people is so hard, the effect of advertising on the website at the job fair in the name of recruitment must be poor.

81 libei website promotion law. The rock is crazy. The crazy rock can make countless things flow. The life cycle of the stone is far more than that of the human and digital storage carrier. All the things that can be circulated throughout the ages are carried by stones. The human brain is too unreliable and only stone is trustworthy. In the bustling area or famous mountains and rivers, the promotion effect is very long. It can even be seen by people in post-history periods. However, at that time, will your website still be accessible?

82 story website promotion law. People are emotional animals. People do not like rational preaching, but this does not mean that people do not like preaching through story packaging or disguise. Although the discerning person knows what is going on at a glance, can you find a discerning person among the 1 million people? This is an extreme task that is times more difficult than a needle in a haystack. The story of buying a bag and returning a pearl is always happening in people's consumption behaviors. Therefore, do not ignore the packaging effect. If possible, use the story to polish your promotion behavior and give people a word of mouth to say that your site has a sufficient weight. For only one reason, everything can start with the wind, face to the sea, spring flowers bloom. Make the name of the website, such as SVNhost (, a clue to the whole story, become the core element of the story to the perfect ending, become an indelible part. Even if people forget the entire story, they will vaguely remember the unique role of your website. A touching story, a touching website, a moving promotion effect, and a touching reminder function.

83 believe in the website promotion law. There are several ways, approaches, and levels to stimulate people. "Stand, salute, reason, benefit, and force", the lower the back, the closer it is to the beast. "Li" is to establish faith, create ideals and aspirations, and fundamentally change people's thinking and behavior patterns. "Ritual" is to make things interesting. People are people who like to test their own thinking abilities. artificially complicated simple things are intellectual games that people often play, they would rather be confused than happy. "Reason" refers to putting truth into practice, using the beautiful "live, live and live for a long time" Right and Wrong values and eliminating destructive and enhancing the constructive logic to reach a consensus. "Profit" is to make up for the loss of interests in this aspect with other interests. This is a compensatory concession and exchange mode. "Force" is a forced beast | sexual behavior. Putting "force" in a cage is the practice of human nature. Human nature is a public welfare that aims to create and share people's freedom and happiness. What's more, "beast |" is a destructive thing that attempts to compete and exclusive with endless desires. It is worth noting that humans are beasts | things that coexist with nature. The mark of determining a person's maturity is measured by the degree of human nature in his/her behavior. Any person, for any stimulus, has two types of emotions and thoughts: "animal" | "sexual" and "human". No one can make an exception. This is beyond human control. What people can control is their final choice. "Listen to the content and watch people take action". The idea is nothing. What is important is the response of this person (Group) in action. The Humanization of behavior reflects the quality and value of a person (group.

84 sponsored website promotion law. We must actively participate in valuable public welfare affairs. This objectively resembles the AA packaging and promotion means, which can save a lot of money. Instead of handing over advertising fees to private groups, it is better to improve the survival situation of mankind. In addition to achieving the original publicity effect, we have done good deeds objectively. In this way, we have made both interests and significance, why not?

85 public element website promotion method. Study various websites and observe and think about the public similarities of these websites. Develop tools and systems to provide unified services for these websites and save them from repetitive work. Such as statistical service, message service, customer service system, calendar system, aggregation service, search service, Link Service, image service, account service, payment system ...... In fact, nothing cannot be split. The problem to be solved is trust.

86 Promotion Method of calendar website. Free Paper calendars are offered to people. In turn, we will break through the treasure of mountains and tigers, free mobile phones, free lunch, free accommodation, free qualifications, free tickets, free Spring Festival couplets, free anti-virus software, free code, free clothing, free books, free toys, free phone calls, etc. Think for yourself. All charged items can be provided free of charge, as long as the input and output of indirect gains are cost-effective. Remind us that you want to let people see your own interests; otherwise, people will be afraid and unbelievable to accept. This is a crisis of trust in the money age and the result of the negative effect of money.

87 free fortune-telling website promotion law. Fate is fixed, not all of which is like a thing. The so-called "Destiny is doomed, half a person ". The standard answer to the question "Who am I" is: "I am not me, I am a zombie of law ". Since people have this need, it's okay to calculate it. We recommend that you change your name to your website address for free. If you succeed, you will have a loyal lifelong volunteer propagandist. Where such people go, your website will be shown. No one has changed your name.

88. Your own dedicated website promotion law. We strongly recommend that you publish this information to prevent unauthorized data transfer. Things are valuable only when used. Value can be stimulated in the Process of use.

89 sales promotion method. Let's just say that my current website has 10 thousand million traffic items, and now it is sold at a low price for three hundred items and posted on the website so that everyone can come and see it.

90 artificial carry brand promotion. Wear a T-shirt with a unique logo of the company, find a beauty, a sexy beauty, go to a place with high traffic, this has special effects on the local station.

91 Book Promotion Law. Just create a book and add a website on the cover.

92 free of charge. A batch of interesting gadgets are delivered free of charge on the Forum, but the express delivery fee is required. The money earned by the express delivery fee is the cost of the product, so that it accumulates popularity and does not lose money.

93. Computer repair. This is suitable for local sites. Free installation for the user. After installation, set a default homepage for the user.

94 media Federation law. It is also suitable for local sites, where local media can be used to promote the website with them.
95. Take the initiative to post your website to other forums, such as: Hello, webmaster. My website is to communicate with your site. Can you? Request the other party to give a friendship link. This is not an advertisement, and the other party will not delete you. In this way, the external chain is left.

96. Blow, blow itself is China's most X website, so curiosity will attract people.

97 imitation method. Currently, the color station is basically shut down, but many webmasters use the name of the color station, but the content is not colored. In this way, you can search for them on their website.

98 key news laws. Pay attention to news from various radio stations and major websites. View the events and characters reported above, and then update the events and characters. This will easily attract search attention.

Blog 99: post comments. Let's stop talking about this. Everyone knows it.

100 the last one serves nothing. Focus on the content of the website.

Everyone should be good at the opposite, and draw out the best combination of promotion techniques to improve the promotion pertinence, promotion efficiency and effect. Think about whether an effective method in one place can be widely applied to all other websites and all places. Don't be afraid of trouble, don't be afraid of futile efforts, don't be afraid of making a contribution in vain, don't be eager for quick success. The effects of many methods are not visible in a day or two, but a long-term accumulation of data. As long as the promotion lasts for a long time, the effect is naturally remarkable.

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