Summary of 2016 years

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Here are the plans for the early 2016:

2016 planning

1. Skilled encapsulation, block, forcing yourself to use Swift

Block more skilled, in a week 6th in the company to write TableView folding cell, using proxy and block two mode, a crash, asked Yu elder brother, and then figured out what the callback is finally understood. Swift wrote a frame, and tableview.

2. Host, deportment, training, talk to the Rats

This is no use, just learn from the truth.

3. Participation in Technical discussion sessions

Ask JJ, did you attend? Mdcc

4. Write a technical blog, at least once a week, fixed as soon as possible, do not have various sites to jump back and forth


5. With Xiao Tang, Yangxiao, Strong heart

They haven't been looking for them. You should also look for Bobo and call them.

5. Love

In addition, Einstein did two things in college, his girlfriend and physics, the penultimate, must have girlfriend


Once got, our goal can not so limited, Bobo has 25, I I ... The gap is so big. Because I didn't pay as much time as Bobo did.

7. See if you can handle the file problem.


8. Take MOM to Korea

Mother does not want to go to South Korea, to Suzhou, I have a holiday, first to coax good girlfriend

9. English

Really important, how to start?

10. Boxing

The gym seems to be practicing boxing, and I'm starting to get fit again.

11. Visiting Beijing

Poor, not willing to spend money blindly, I began to book, from the neighborhood began to stroll, plan to buy a house,

12. Physical health

Thanks to fitness, the body is better than last year, money can not be finished, the body first, I do not earn you more, run without you fast, but I live longer than you

13. Focus, kill the buckle

When you need to focus, you should get rid of the interfering factors.

14, Makeup

is to pay attention to the image of Bai, more washing clothes, brush shoes, work should also pay attention to the image

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------


A total of 14, failed 6, success and processing of 8, should update these tasks

1, complete 2, complete 4. Complete 10. 12 13

3. Fail 11 14

5. Ongoing 6.ongoing

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

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Summary of 2016 years

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