Summary of common CSS abbreviations

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Using abbreviations can help reduce the size of your CSS file and make it easier to read. The main rules for CSS abbreviations are as follows:


The hexadecimal color value. If the two values are the same, they can be abbreviated to half. For example:
#000000 can be abbreviated as #000; #336699 can be abbreviated as #369;


Box Size

There are usually four writing methods:

    • Property: value1; indicates that all edges are value1;
    • Property: value1 value2; the value of top and bottom is value1, and the value of right and left is value2.
    • Property: value1 value2 value3; indicates that the top value is value1, the right and left values are value2, and the bottom value is value3.
    • Property: value1 value2 value3 value4; four values in turn represent top, right, bottom, left

Easy to remember is clockwise, top right bottom left. An example of the specific application in margin and padding is as follows:
Margin: 1em 0 2em 0.5em;

Border (Border)

The border attributes are as follows:

    • Border-width: 1px;
    • Border-style: solid;
    • Border-color: #000;

It can be abbreviated as border: 1px solid #000;

Syntax:Border: width style color;

Background (backgrounds)

The attributes of the background are as follows:

    • Background-color: # f00;
    • Background-image: url(background.gif );
    • Background-repeat: No-Repeat;
    • Background-Attachment: fixed;
    • Background-position: 0 0;

It can be abbreviated as: Background: # f00 url(background.gif) No-repeat fixed 0 0;

Syntax:Background: Color Image repeat attachment position;

You can omit one or more attribute values. If this attribute value is omitted, the default value of the browser is used. The default value is:

    • Color: transparent
    • Image: None
    • Repeat: Repeat
    • Attachment: Scroll
    • Position: 0% 0%

The font attributes are as follows:

    • Font-style: italic;
    • Font-variant: Small-caps;
    • Font-weight: bold;
    • Font-size: 1em;
    • Line-Height: 140%;
    • Font-family: "lucida Grande", sans-serif;

It can be abbreviated as: Font: italic small-caps bold 1em/140% "lucida Grande", sans-serif;

Note: If you are short for font definition, you must at least define the font-size and font-family values.

List (lists)

To cancel the default dot and serial number, you can write list-style: none ;,

The list attributes are as follows:

    • List-style-type: Square;
    • List-style-position: inside;
    • List-style-image: url(image.gif );

Can be abbreviated as: List-style: square inside url(image.gif );

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