Summary of common sentence patterns in English mail 1

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1.kindly help us to update xxx xxx in the description of rrxxxxx from A to B.

2.You can scroll down to 2014!

3.I would include approvals in the xx!

4.Please Follow somebody approach!

5.Please help to enrich the attached form!

6.Please be reassured!

7.We seek your help in rectifying the permission problem!

8.kindly is informed that ...

9.I'll keep you postedon the status!

10.If further questions,please feel free to contact me!

11.Please follow up with the issue raised by user below!

12.The below has been resolved,just proceed!

Certain columns I ' m not sure!

appreciate If you can advise on the reported issue below!

15.Please Keep all the details for checking against xxx!

16.Does the file format under its profiles need to is changed as well?

17.I has tried reaching you several times through the phone!

18.We is hitting the below error!

19.Looks the same,but actually is very different!

Does you have a toask?

Summary of common sentence patterns in English mail 1

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