Summary of common validation of ExtJS form forms

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ExtJS form validation includes null validation, simple validation with vtype format, advanced custom password authentication, use of regular expression validation, and so on://In Onready function () {}   Ext.QuickTips.init (); Provides a hint information feature for a component, and the main message for the form is the error message for client validation.   ext.form.field.prototype.msgtarget= ' side '; Hint, the enumeration value is:    qtip-display prompts when the mouse moves over the control;  title-is displayed in the browser's caption, but the test result is the same as Qtip;  under-to display an error prompt underneath the control;   side-displays an error icon to the right of the control and displays an error message when the mouse points to the icon. Default value;  id-[element ID] Error prompt appears in HTML component of the specified ID     1. One of the simplest examples: null validation     code as follows://null validation two parameters   Allowblank:false//false can not be null, default is true  blanktext:string//error message when null     JS code for:    code as follows: Var Form1 = new Ext.form.FormPanel ({  width:350,  renderto: "Form1",  title: "Formpanel",  defaults:{ Xtype: "TextField", InputType: "Password"},  items:[  {fieldlabel: "Cannot be empty",  allowblank:false,//no NULL allowed   Blanktext: "Cannot be empty,"///error message, default is the This field is required!  ID: "Blanktest", } ] });    2. Use the VType format for simple verification.   In this example of email validation, rewrite the above code's items configuration:  code as follows: items:[  {fieldlabel: "Cannot be empty",  vtype: "Email",//email format verification   Vtypetext: "Not a valid email address",//error message, default value I won't say it.   ID: "Blanktest",  Anchor: "90%"  }  You can modify the VType for the following ExtJS vtype default support type for:  validation//form     1.ALPHA//can only enter letters, can not enter other (such as numbers, special symbols, etc.)   2.alphanum//can only enter letters and numbers, can not enter other authentication, the required format is ""   4.url//url format verification, the required format is    3. Advanced Custom Password validation   The previous validation is ExtJS already provided, we can also customize the validation function.     Code as follows:///First add the custom password validation function (or other name) with the Ext.apply method   ext.apply (ext.form.vtypes,{  password: function (Val,field) {//val refers to the text box value here, field refers to the text box component, you want to understand this meaning   if (field.confirmto) {//confirmto is our custom configuration parameter, Generally used to save the ID value of another component   Var pwd=ext.get (FIELD.CONFIRMTO);//Get the value of that ID of Confirmto   return (Val==pwd.getvalue ());  }  return true; } }); //Configure the items parameter   items:[{fieldlabel: "Password",  ID: "Pass1",  },{  fieldlabel: "Confirm password",  ID: "Pass2",  vtype: "Password",//Custom Authentication type   Vtypetext: "Two times password inconsistent! ",  confirmto:" Pass1,//The other component to compare id }    4. Use regular expression validation     code as follows: New Ext.form.TextField ({  Fieldlabel: "Name",  Name: "Author_nam",  regex:/[u4e00-u9fa5]/,//regular expression between/...../.) [U4E00-U9FA5]: Only input Chinese .  regextext: "Only Chinese!",//Regular expression error hint   Allowblank:false//This validation is still valid. Don't be empty . 

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