Summary of discount stores of different brands in Beijing

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IgG: under the ground of Fuxing commercial city, the elevator is down next to Pizza Hut. On the right side of the second floor of Xingcheng commercial building in Daxing huangcun, three folds have been built for many years;
The discount counter of Alibaba Cloud Shopping Mall in Shijingshan is generally 3-5 folds.

Jiangnan Buyi: There is a discount shop in Jiangnan Buyi next to EGEE in Fuxing commercial city.

Take it: Xinjiekou, a small store on the southwest corner of the intersection of Ding character in Xinjiekou.

Weedend: Wangfujing's weekend discount store, opposite to Xindong an, on the third floor. There are a lot of brands that are one to three folds .. the small building is often crowded with people

Bu shi: The edge of the Active Directory on the New East security level.

Banni Road: Next to Wangfujing foreign language bookstore, the second floor of banni road regular price store.

Nike and AD: discount shops in wudaokou easy to get out of Lotus.

G2000 men's wear: ganjiakou mall


Max Studio ~~

Ecco: Green Life square in North Third Ring Road offers annual discounts ..

360: discount Plaza

Banni road attitude: Layer 3, Xindong 'an

Teng's: discount stores are located in the west of the north road of Dongdan Union Medical College Hospital. Most of them are off

Pathfinder: the cheapest store is Changping's off, and other stores are generally off.

LEE: Westport, with 199 KK all the year round! Old Style!

U2 on the third floor of Ginza is always at a discount, with a minimum of off.

The North Face: There is a discount shop in Wangjing, just beside the fifth ring road. What is the building? The sales attitude is very poor. The shoes are basically no less than 41 yards, it seems that it can be or off, usually from.

Pattern: the beauty of North taipingzhuang seems to be off all the year round

Love fun: Xinjiekou "love fun" Monopoly annual discounts; East tickets also have love fun all year round discount shop, pajamas are very good and cheap, just in the light of the mouth of the aesthetic oblique over.

DAPHNE: There are many discount stores in Beijing, and there is one next to Dongdan Dahua cinema.

Tengshi: The Factory of tengshi in Daxing industrial development zone has its discount center store, which is 2-6 folds and the new version is 6 folds. It seems that the new model can be reserved. After half a month, the product can be purchased at a rate of. This is probably the case (which of the following can be detailed)

Metersbonwe: There is a metersbonwe near the east gate of Tsinghua Park, the third floor perennial special offer
The third floor of the MB building on Wangfujing Street is also a sale. The pants are less than 100, the T30 yuan, the shirt is 40 yuan, and the sweater is about 60-80, and you can often go to see the new ones. Men's wear on the first floor, women's wear on the second floor, Jay Chou's big poster is not easy to miss.


West Village name Bag: There is a discount store on the north side of DongKou, dengshi.

Love lingerie: There is an imu building near the Fifth Ring Road in the north (Wangjing area). There will be a sales fair every week, and there will be scissors for lingerie and pajamas. They are very popular. People have to prepare for the visit. Tel: 64392626, generally, there is a special sale meeting on Wednesday (once every Monday), but you need to call the phone that morning to know if there is a special sale. Remember to go early, or even the DD will be wiped out.

Tom tailor: Tom tailor store on the second floor of Huayu, which was purchased last year ~ Off.

Mu Zhen: Chao Wai Yue show, next to the door, "Mu Zhen" perennial discounts.

Discount Plaza or discount store

Discount: Wangfujing GONGMEI building, next to Carrefour, Baishi Bridge,

365 discount Plaza: Second floor of fenglian Plaza, with discounts every day.

Yanyan outlets: Esprit, Levis, CK, various underwear, General brands of AD Nike are available; north Face, ozak, AD, Nike, converse, Kappa, Reb and some domestic brands, as well as Speedo; the bedding has ESP dinosaurs; I remember Mike in my bag and a brand of Spanish cattle. I forgot my name and his family of Paris. There were too many shoe brands, including laelsdan, Ecco, cele, and qile; clothes include Mexx, cubeca, lavana, ESP, Levis, golden Fox, Lee Cooper, G star, and Tommy .....
Address: No. 9, dongsihuan South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Service Desk: 010-67395678
Business Department: 010-67395802
You can take 952 (Wangjing to Fengtai intersection) and get off the bus under the gongtai Bridge. It seems that 740 is also there, which is very convenient and may be around the four rings.

Changping and Tongzhou's only vm j & J and azona A02

The u2 on the third floor of Cathay Pacific is also a discount store.

Changping sunshine 4-layer southeast corner of the 5th Street perennial discounts, now is 149 metres of jeans, down jackets 6.5 off and so on

Shunyi Cathay has only vm j & J azona esprist

East West Gate of Tongzhou century Lianhua 1st Level Cross-World 3-8 fold Nai Kadi have

Tongzhou Hualian has discount stores for only, Vm, Tom tailor, and etam

Carrefour Zhongguancun Stores often offer discounts on certain brands from time to time. In addition, XX is a discount price.

COFCO square: discount stores for Max Studio, weekend, and oxygen Gen, but some people say, "the oxygen Gen of COFCO has not been found last time. It is covered with a big cloth and I don't know whether to change it to another one in decoration ".

At the northeast corner of the intersection of Xinjiekou, it seems that there is a store next to the "Gloria" store, with many brands selling discounts all the year round. There are yilian, mauma, benaotong, Li Ning, and some not very famous brands.

There is a discount store on the second floor of Golden Source yansha, which includes Levi's, Tommy, and gap ..... many famous brands; there is also a Lee Cooper discount shop on the first floor, but most dd discounts are not high, but occasionally some DD sales are available. When I went there last time, there was a cotton clothing, two colors, one of which is sold at a discount of more than 600, and the other is sold at a special price of 150. I personally feel that the color is better than 600.

Several shirt shops near jinganzhuang's Beijing shirt factory offer discounts all the year round, such as kendi will, Alan DeLong, and chinamuntian.

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