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(a) Preparation of work and establishment of content

Before you sign up for a domain name, you should keep a record of your thoughts and should be prepared with enough content for 100 pages. Please note that it is at least. These 100 pages should be real content, not link pages, about Us page, contact us or copyright notices, etc. assorted's homepage.

b) Domain name

You should choose a domain name that is easy to build a brand, you want, not the keyword. com. The domain name that fills the keyword should be discarded, easy to establish the brand and easily identify domain name is the best.

The domain name contains the keyword function is now very small. Why changed his name to, one of the boldest strategies I have ever seen. This strategy of renaming destroys the brand that has been built over a period of years.

c the simpler the website design, the better.

One metric is that the proportion of text content should be greater than the proportion of HTML format. The entire page should be normalized and should be displayed properly on all browsers. For example, make it conform to the HTML3.2 standard. Search engine spiders are not too fond of HTML4.0 standards.

Be far away from those too heavy factors: Flash, DOM, Java script, and so on. If you have to use these scripts, use them as an external file. In my opinion, there is no need to use these things at all. These things can hardly add color to a website, but they can hurt the performance of the site from all aspects (search engine friendliness is just one of them).

Arrange your site logically, using keywords in directory names. You can also use a different approach, which is to put all the pages in the root directory (which is rarely seen, but it turns out to be a very good and effective way).

Don't let your site pile up a bunch of useless things, such as what browsers to use, or counters, and so on, to keep it the most simplistic and look professional. Learning from Google and looking at his homepage is simply impossible. And that's what people need.

Speed is not one of the most important factors, but the only important factor. Your page should be very fast, if your page will be delayed 3, 4 seconds, you are finished. Of course, if your host and visitors in different countries, 3, 4 seconds can be original, for local visitors, 3-4 seconds of download time is already the limit. Over this time, every second, you will lose 10% of the traffic. And that 10% of the flow may be the difference between success and failure.

d) Page size

The smaller the better, the better to stay below 15K. The smaller the better, the better to stay below 12K. The smaller the better, the better you keep below 10K. You see what I mean. Larger than 5K, less than 10K, which is the best. It's hard to do, but it's the most effective. It is also effective for search engines and for visitors.

e) Content

Build a page of 200 to 500 words a day. If you don't know what to write, do some keyword research, and then write articles based on the hot keywords you get.

f) density, location, etc.

Simple old-fashioned SEO, use your keywords once in these places: page titles, description tags, body headings, url URLs, bold, italic, Web page at the beginning. The keyword density is between 5% and 20% (and don't care too much). Write Good articles and check for typos. The spelling checker (checking typos in Chinese) is becoming more and more important. Because the search engine has begun to use the automatic correction function, so there is no excuse to write typos.

g) Export Links

Add keywords to the link text (this is important for the future) by linking to one or two top sites on each page.

h) Cross links within the site

Refers to the link within the same Web site. Within your site, high quality content is linked to each other. If a Web page is about food, then you should make sure that the page is connected to those pages about apples and vegetables. In particular, for Google, mutual links based on common content are important for sharing PR within your site.

What you want is not a All-star page that will eclipse other pages, you need 50 pages each day to attract a visitor, rather than a page that attracts 50 visitors a day. If you find a page in your site that is really a page that attracts most traffic, you should spread the PR value of the page through a cross link to another page. This is a bit like the old words of sharing wealth.

i) Open the website

It is best not to use a virtual host. It is best to use your own separate IP address. Make sure your site can be indexed by search engine spiders. All pages should be connected to other pages on your site. All pages should not be more than two clicks away from the homepage. All content pages should also be linked back to the home page. A menu system that exists on all pages should link to the main part of your site.

Before you finish a high quality website, don't open it. Open a bad site, than not open the site worse, you want to be from the beginning is an excellent site.

Apply for login to the Open directory, if you have a budget, also apply to Yahoo and other paid directories. If you don't have a budget, try Yahoo's free submission, but don't expect much.

J) Website Submission

Submit the homepage to search engines like Google and then forget about it for the next six months. Yes, submit, and then forget about it.

K) Recording and tracking

Use a high quality log analysis software that can record a visitor's source. If your host provider does not provide a source of visitors, you should use another host provider.

L) Observation of spiders

Watch spiders from search engines and make sure spiders crawl through your entire site. If not, you should check all your link systems to make sure spiders can find your entire site. If the search engine needs two times to retrieve your site, don't be afraid. For many search engines, it may take six months to discover and crawl your site.

m) a thematic classification catalogue

Almost every industry has its own list of authoritative categories to submit to these categories.

N) Links

Go to the Google version of the Open directory to view your site's industry, find those who can exchange links for free sites, request and exchange links to these sites. Select a piece of content on the subject page as a linked text. If the webmaster of those websites is unwilling to exchange links with you, it is nothing, continue next. Every day with a new website to exchange links, a very short personalized email is enough. If a Web site doesn't want to link to you, don't take it seriously--actually, sooner or later, they will.

O) Content

A page of high-quality content on a daily basis. The effective theme of the article is always the best. Avoid too many blog-type personalized things and should write more about the type of article the average audience is willing to look at.

Improve your writing skills, learn how to work with people on the Internet, take multiple sections, short sentences, and read fast content. Most visitors to the site are not reading, but browsing. That's why short articles are important. If you see a large section of the article, a lot of people will press the back button immediately.

People don't waste 15 seconds to understand how your flower-Bluff menu system works. A big company's website with a flash menu system doesn't mean you have to.

Use headings, use boldface to emphasize emphasis, and also logical segmentation.

P) Secret weapon

A little farther away from the so-called secret weapons, or today's useless things that are useful tomorrow. Don't use anything that looks like rubbish, anything immoral, or anything close to cheating.

Q) Export links

When you receive the Exchange link request, want to carefully look at each other's website, do not easily link back. Check their website through Google, and look at their PR values. Do not link to problematic sites and low quality sites. Make sure that the other site is similar to yours and is in the same industry.

R) Enrich your site

You can use some content to enrich your site. For example, recommend pages to your friends, forums, mailing lists, electronic magazines, and so on. Take a look at your industry forum and read as much as you can, until you can't read it anymore.

s) Note the brochure type of Web site

If you are running an E-commerce site, or if you have a real storefront and want to expand your business to the Internet, be careful not to make a brochure of your site. Think about what people need, visitors are not coming to your site to see your content, they are coming to your site to find what they need. In your article, talk about yourself and your product as little as possible.

T) add one page per day

Go back to keyword research, find good ideas, and write new pages.

u) Study log files

After 30-60 days, you should start getting some visitors from the place where you have been logged in. Take a closer look, what keyword search do people use to find your site? Is there some very strange combination of keywords? Why do people use these keywords to find your site? Is there anything that you have overlooked? It is likely that you should create more pages with these themes.

Take a closer look at your website and log and give the search engine the pages it needs. Search engines will tell you exactly what they want. You have to look carefully, there is a gold mine to be developed in the log of your website.

(v) Effective topics in your industry, always in front of others. For example, if a big company Z, to launch product A at the end of the year, then you can do a Web page before October, is about product a. So before December, search engines have included this page.

W) Friends and family

Social networking is also critical to the success of a Web site, and it's time for you to look at those forums in return. The value of the forum is to communicate with other colleagues and netizens simply because it is always useless. Through communication, you can get the long-term benefits, not just read the forum. This kind of communication network can also receive feedback from other aspects. For example, the introduction of link tips, e-mail exchange, become the industry experts and so on.

x) records

If you add a page every day, you'll find that sometimes a good idea pops up, maybe you're in the shower (wiped out first), you're driving (by the side of the road), or you may be on the table. When a good idea comes up, write it down. Otherwise, in 10 minutes, you'll forget the idea you just remembered.

Make a note of it first and then write out the details. When you don't have any good ideas, take these records out. It sounds simple, but it's a good idea that has been worked out.

Y) six months, check the submitted website

Take a look at where you have submitted your site, and whether you have included your site. If not, then submit it again and forget again. Try those free categories.

Z to add a page of high-quality pages each day has been repeated several times, Google likes content, a lot of high-quality content. A wide range of content based on a series of keywords. After a year, you should already have about 400 pages of high quality content. The content should make your site a good place to rank in a wide range of keywords.

Do these 26 things, I guarantee you a year later, you will have a successful website. It will be able to get 500 to 2000 visitors a day from the search engine.

Note : For more wonderful tutorials, please pay attention to the triple web Design Tutorial section,

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