Summary of English death squads in the third week

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After studying full-time English in the third week, I feel more and more familiar with English, I have never liked English much before (I have never had the pleasure and sense of accomplishment in learning English before). Now I like English better if I listen to songs, I feel that the English world is rich, expands my thinking, and has more fun. At the same time, I feel that learning is as easy as playing, and learning on YY (snatching wheat) is even more stimulating the pleasure of learning English.


Daily report

I recorded my full-time English learning experience. By the end of the month, I had a sense of accomplishment. I didn't have to be so strict with myself. Now I have a profound understanding of the significance of doing so. So sometimes, when I talk to my apprentices, I urge them to develop the habit of learning records every day, through recording, you can analyze the distribution of your learning time and provide sufficient data support for improving learning efficiency.



The above picture summarizes my daily English learning situation. It will not only give me good memories, but also give me more guiding significance. The daily report deeply realized that the previous time management was still not implemented to the maximum extent. This time, we realized that we will continue to do better and better.


Meeting Discussion

Basically, Shijie will talk to us every three or five days about her recent experience and questions in learning English and help us patiently answer questions, such exchanges allow us to help, promote, and improve each other more directly (the elder sister uses her own experiences to reduce our detours). The more problems we have exposed during such meetings, make better progress ......, It has been a hard job to surpass the elder sister. (The following are my questions and suggestions from my sister-in-law and comrades-in-arms)



1. Insufficient words. Some words cannot be read if they are not accurate.


Suggestion: No words can be used to check the phonetic alphabet. You can query up to five words for each article. If you hear more, you will know that you are wrong. Ask other people if they are wrong. The pronunciation of words is still problematic. Do not add "E" to the end of the T-sound, read, and listen to others, or pick up the wrong one by yourself.


2. The entire pair is read in one sentence. Note that each sentence is different.

Suggestion: do not keep up with reading or writing a sentence.


3. Listen to the voice of others and learn something, but no one can say it well.


Suggestion: it will be hard at the beginning, but exercises are required. . The Chinese are good at putting the language gas in the voice tone of a sentence.


4. I 've heard many mistakes in the United States.


Suggestion: The current hearing is good, because the current attention is concentrated. At the beginning, there was no focus or interest. Now I have learned the phonetic alphabet, focused on it, and paid attention to it. May listen to the voice and tone, and may pick up the wrong comparison, which improves your attention.


5. Is it a sentence-based exercise.


Suggestion: At this stage, we recommend that you use one sentence for practice. A short exercise.


6. What should I do with long sentences?


Suggestion: Unlock the sentence, remember a small part of the tone, practice it, and practice the entire sentence.


7. Not as detailed as other students have noticed?


Suggestion: At this stage, do not pursue these things. Pay attention to these things after the imitation exercises are improved.


8. If we imitate a loud voice, will the tone change?


Suggestion: how to read it comfortably. But do not exercise as exaggerated as Li Yang does. The most comfortable volume is good.


9. If some words cannot be heard during the follow-up process, will it be passed over?


Suggestion: Never jump or imitate. I cannot hear it. You can check the text.


Through meetings and exchanges, we are also summing up the problems and confusions we encountered during our study, and then sharing, communicating, and making progress together. This is more targeted and the progress will be faster. In addition, I am not very good at English. I am lucky to have such an opportunity.



After learning English, my attitude towards computer and English has changed a lot, first of all, no matter what you do, you need to concentrate on and calm down. This will greatly improve the efficiency. In the communication with others, we need to study modestly and listen to others' opinions and suggestions. This is very helpful for your future growth.

It is very important that, after listening to the words of Mr. Mi, the implementation results are much better than those in the subconscious. Some of the teacher's words were previously justified, however, when I think back to what the teacher said in the process of learning English, every sentence that the teacher said is especially reasonable when talking with the teacher. It will benefit a lot from the implementation.


How to Learn English

We don't need to think too much about it now. What we need to do is to arrange for the teacher and sister to do it first. After practice, although there are still many problems, the teacher and sister always say it is better than we expected, so there are both stress and motivation, and we are working harder. (Just calm down and listen carefully, imitate well, and follow up carefully ).



In such a positive environment, the communication between the comrades in arms has accelerated our capability improvement. Thanks to the teacher for providing us with such a good learning environment and the patience and guidance of the teacher and sister, we will try our best to speak fluent English as soon as possible.

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