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For beginners, the biggest question may be the difference between VB and VB. NET. We have already described this in detail in the previous blog. (Last article: differences between VB and VB. NET)

This article will introduce VB. NET in a macro way, so that beginners can better understand VB. NET.

Visual Basic. Net is a fully object-oriented language based on. NET Framework. It is short for VB. NET. It is designed to quickly and concisely develop services including Web Services in ASP. NET.
. NET Framework programs, including web applications. Development of VB. NET requires the Visual Studio. NET integrated development environment.

The following figure shows some core concepts of VB. NET:

We can see that Visual Studio. NET depends on. NET.

The. NET Framework class library needs to be elaborated here .. Net
The framework class library can be used to complete a series of common programming tasks, such as string management, data collection, and database connection tasks. In addition, the. NET Framework can also develop the following types of applications and services: Console applications, Windows Forms, ASP. NET applications, and XML
Web services and Windows Services.

We can understand some core concepts of VB. NET above. Next we will use vs. Net integrated development environment to create VB. NET applications.

VB. NET is an integral part of vs. net. As mentioned above, the latter is a collection of tools and languages, including C # and visual
C ++. NET and other languages.

Is to open the Vs. Net start page, where we can create the desired application:

The Vs. NET environment is similar to VB6.0 in general, so we are not familiar with VB, so we will not detail it here.

Both concepts and tool environments are introduced, and now it is the syntax basis of a programming language. For this, we can focus on the following aspects to learn the language VB. NET:

1. VB. NET variable definition;

2. Operators and expressions;

3. condition control structure;

4. loop control structure;

5. definition and application of arrays;

6. List, set, structure, and enumeration.

Every language is integrated. We can learn this new language in the same and different ways. Focus on the differences between the two languages to facilitate memory and understanding.

In addition to the differences between VB and VB. NET in terms of programming basics, the biggest difference between them is the object-oriented concept of VB. NET. When it comes to object-oriented, we will think of a new concept-object, which corresponds to classes. We need to learn how to create a class, how to add methods and attributes for the class, and inheritance and constructor between classes, to better understand and use the object-oriented thinking.


In summary, my preliminary summary of VB. NET is as follows:


I will continue to improve in the future!



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