Summary of Javaio flow operation law

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operation Law of Io flow object

For the operation of IO flow, the development needs to be clear 4 purposes;

1. Clear Source and purpose (sinks);

Source: InputStream Reader

Purpose: OutputStream Writer

2. Clear whether the data is plain text

Source: Is plain text: Reader

No inputstream

Purpose: A plain text Writer

No OutputStream

Here you can identify which system is specifically used in the requirements.

3. Identify specific equipment

SOURCE Device:


Hard disk: File

Memory: Array

Network: Socket stream

Target device:

Monitor (console): System.out

Hard disk: File

Memory: Array

Network: Socket stream

Identify specific objects

4. Whether additional features are required

1. Need for greater efficiency (buffer)

Yes, just join buffer.

2. Whether temporary storage is required

3 .....

In a character operation, if you need to explicitly specify the encoding table, you must use a transform stream to set the encoding table. You can only use OutputStreamWriter when you export to a file. FileWriter uses the system's default character encoding table.

The transformation rule of Io stream:

InputStreamReader: A byte-to-character bridge. Decoding

OutputStreamWriter: The character-to-byte bridge. Coding

Learn to perform requirements analysis and dismantle requirements.

Summary of Javaio flow operation law

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