Summary of powerdesiger development tools

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If you want to use the tool flexibly and maximize the efficiency of the tool, you should have an intuitive understanding of the historical background of the tool so that you can truly maximize its effectiveness. Recall the entire software development process and process: demand research, prototype design, technical research, coding design, software testing.

Keywords: design tools, reverse engineering, Automatic Generation

Issues and layers to consider in software design:

1: commonly used design diagrams in UML: flowcharts, class diagrams, and time sequence diagrams;

Relationships to be embodied in the UML design process: dependency, Association (aggregation, combination)

The Code hierarchy of the system: namespace, package;

Reverse Engineering and Automatic Generation for different languages;


PD operation manual:

1: menu bar, toolbar,

2: keywords: Multilingual, model, warehouse, reverse engineering,

3: code-> model; model-> code

4: Custom automatically generated template format to control the format of output code


Comparison of difficulties:

1: comparison of several models in PD:

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