Summary of several common tools in PHP continuous development integration

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Introduction: This is a detailed page of several commonly used tools in PHP continuous development and integration. It introduces PHP, related knowledge, skills, experience, and some PHP source code.

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In PHP continuous development and integration, some tools are required and not bad. The following is a summary:

1 phpunit

This is well-known. I won't talk about it here.

2 phploc (http: // GitHub/sebastianbergmann/phploc)

This is a tool that effectively counts the size of PHP projects.CodeNumber of rows

3 PHP copy-Paster detector (phpcpd)

Http: // GitHub/sebastianbergmann/phpcpd

This tool can check how many "Bad taste" code is copied and pasted in your project, and find the repeated code in your project.

4 phpdcd (PhP dead code detector)

This tool can check the amount of content in the PHP project that has never been referenced or called.

5 PHP mess detector (phpmd)


6 php_codesniff Er (phpcs)

Http:// Project is a comprehensive PHP static code analysis tool with ten powerful

7 php_codebrowser (phpcb)


8. cruisecontrol and phpundercontrol

Phpunercontrol is actually an extended version of the famous continuous integration tool cruisecontrol,

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