Summary of several methods to open service management interface in WIN7 system

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WIN7 Service management includes all the services provided by the computer's operating system and applications, but so many services are not always required by the user. For example, the printer service, if not connected to the printer device, its startup has no meaning.

Therefore, we can optimize the system performance by disabling those services that are not available to speed up boot up. First, let's look at how to get into the service interface. The fate of a small collection of 3 methods to open the service interface, interested can look at Oh!

Open the Service interface method one:

1, press "win+r" shortcut key on the keyboard, open the running interface, enter "services.msc" instruction, press "OK", as shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 Entering the "services.msc" directive

2, press "OK", you can directly open the "service" interface. As shown in Figure 2

Figure 2 Opening the Services interface

Open the Service interface method two:

1, on the desktop, right click Computer, select Management, as shown in Figure 3

Figure 3 Selecting "Manage"

2, in the "Computer Management" interface, click "Services and Applications", in the middle part, we can see the "Service" option, double-click to open the service interface. As shown in Figure 4

Figure 4 clicking Services and Applications

Open the Service interface method three:

1, click the "Start" menu, select "Control Panel." As shown in Figure 5

Figure 5 Selecting the Control Panel

2, in the "Control Panel" interface, click on "System and Security"-"management tools." Click on "Administrative Tools". As shown in Figure 6

Figure 6 Management Tools

3, in the "Administrative Tools" interface, find the "service" and double-click, you can open the service interface. As shown in Figure 7

Figure 7 Find the service and double-click

"Summary": above three kinds of methods can open the service interface, the small friends hurriedly choose one to suit own method!

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