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First, uninstall your original program Uninstall method: Right click on "My Computer"-"Properties"-"Hardware"-"Device Manager" or directly press CTRL+F1, and then open the "Universal Serial Bus Controller", the following "USB Root Hub" are removed. There is open "add Remove Program" in Control Panel there is no camera application such as vm301 program uninstall off

2, and then reboot, reboot will find new hardware, then do not choose automatic installation, and then click "Next", and then "search floppy disk, CD ROM" hook, and other hooks are removed altogether. And put on the disc, do not install the drive from the CD. Let the system search automatically. This will allow the installation to succeed.

First, the driver is not easy to install the reason 1, the current market, the popular star micro-camera driver version of a lot of users in the installation of the uninstall drive in the process of residual garbage files in the system registry, resulting in the subsequent drive to update the process of installation difficulties; 2, there is currently a cloning operation system, which integrates the old version of the star and with the WHQL drive, when the user installs the newly bought camera or update the latest driver, the camera can not work properly; Method One, automatic unload method

Step one, click on the Start menu of the corresponding drive uninstall uninstall, (it is possible that the uninstall function has been damaged, then you can install a new driver for the reverse installation, the system will first uninstall the old drive, the same can be achieved. )

In step two, select the following executable file in the attachment before the new driver installation: For_xp_me_98.exe for Windows xp/me/98 for_win2k.exe for Windows 2000 (Note: This tool requires the system's default path to be C-disk to be effective , an error dialog box appears under the Windows ME/98 operating system to indicate that it is clean and that the tool does not harm an already installed drive.

Step three, install a new driver method two, manual uninstall method Step one, in My Computer-tools-Folder Options-View the hidden files and folders selected as "Select All files and folders and then go to the C:windowsinf folder to all the OEM files ( such as OEM0.INF,OEM0.PNF;OEM1.INF,OEM1.PNF ...) Cut and move to another directory to save or manually delete the corresponding OEM file for the camera

Step two, after completing the above steps, insert the USB camera, when the computer will find new hardware and pop-up installation drive information, choose to cancel, and then right-click My Computer, select Properties, in the pop-up System Properties interface, enter the system Properties-hardware-Device Manager will have an exclamation point of the PC Camera Press the right mouse button uninstall;

Step three, remove the camera and start installing a new driver. In response to the second of these phenomena step one, cloning operation system is the camera driver default storage under the C:windowsdrivercamera301p folder, when you click on the new camera driver CD installation, the system will not be prompted to have a camera driver and this drive uninstall, Please find and delete this folder;

Step two, the first installation of a new camera driver, and then plug in the camera loading hardware, after the installation of the computer can be normal use after restarting; Step three, do not need to repeat the above two steps, directly click on the new CD to install the latest drive, plug in the camera after the system detects new hardware, and automatically complete the hardware drive load;

Step four, into the Device Manager, you can see the image processing equipment has been successfully installed, but when you open the "AMCap" preview image will appear unable to preview, screen, black screen phenomenon;

Step five, put the right mouse button in the image processing device "Vimicro USB PC Camera (ZC0301PL)" Update the Driver, the dialog box, select "From the list or specified as the location of the installation

Step six Select "Do not Search" and go to the "Install from floppy" interface after selecting Next.

Step Seven: Click Browse, point the path to the drive CD directory or the "Usbvm31b.inf" step under the latest driver directory and click "Next" to complete the drive installation

Below for the landlord to explain the principle of the no-drive camera

Non-flooding concept analysis Plug and Play is the essence of no drive

1. What is a no-drive camera?

As we all know, computer accessories need to drive to better work, such as motherboards, graphics cards, cameras and so on. Installing the driver will write a program to the system, making the entire system disk bloated. No drive device, such as a U disk, does not require an additional drive, nor does it write any foreign programs to the core of the system. This is very similar to the green software does not write any information to the system registry, so we might as well call this unwanted-driven camera "green digital products." This kind of Plug and Play (no need to install the driver to use) of the camera, called the no-drive camera.

Microsoft's USB2.0 driver: XP system driver in the XP SP1 patch, 2000 system driver in 2000 of the patch SP4.

2. Why use no drive?

No-drive camera does not need to install additional drivers, Plug and play, this is very convenient and user-friendly. After all, for many rookies, it is tedious and difficult to know which is the right driver and how to install it. In addition, there are often risks to writing drivers to the system, such as making the system unstable, running into a blue screen or crash after the drive is completed, or making the system less secure, especially if there are no certified drivers. In particular, after Vista, Microsoft requires that external devices (including cameras) use the Windows built-in standard driver, adding a lot of new requirements to the entire system certification.

In short, the design can not only ensure that the user is easy to use, but also to ensure the stability and security of the system, you can say that many benefits.

3. What is the essence of non-refoulement? Is it true that the driver is not used?

Products with no drive design have more powerful compatibility, and users can use it without installing drivers in Vista or even XP SP2 systems. But no drive does not need to drive to work properly, only the system contains its drive, the device directly calls to work properly, that is, the drive-free device itself needs to be driven, but this driver has been included in the system. The following is an example of a USB flash drive, detailing the principle or nature of no flooding.

Through the diagram, it is clear that the use of the drive-free product is simply a call to the system's standard drive. Careful friends will find that the driver information is not exactly the same: the driver version and the device instance ID are not the same except for the same driver date, which means that different USB devices use different drivers.

In short, the USB protocol, in addition to the general hardware and software Interface specification, also contains a variety of class protocols, for different functions to define their own standard interface and the specific bus data interaction format and content. There are a number of class protocols, such as the most common mass Storage class, which supports U disk, and the General Data exchange protocol: CDC class, and audio Class,print class, among others. Theoretically, even without these classes, a wide range of application functions can be implemented through a dedicated driver. However, as the use of mass Storage class, so that each manufacturer of U disk can be produced by the operating system with a unified driver to use, the USB disk is widely used to promote the use of a great role in the development of other classes of the agreement is also for the same purpose.

So the no-drive camera is actually a device that is certified through the Video Class protocol and can be used by the unified driver that comes with the operating system. This is the nature of the no-drive camera.

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