Summary of special characters to be escaped in Regular Expressions

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If you want to find a file with * in the file name, you need to escape *, that is, add a \ before it \. Ls \ *. txt. Regular expressions have the following special characters. Escape

Special characters



Matches the end position of the input string. If the Multiline attribute of the RegExp object is set, $ also matches '\ n' or' \ R '. To match the $ character, use \ $.


Mark the start and end positions of a subexpression. Subexpressions can be obtained for future use. To match these characters, use \ (and \).


Matches the previous subexpression zero or multiple times. To match * characters, use \*.


Match the previous subexpression once or multiple times. To match + characters, use \ +.


Match any single character except linefeed \ n. To match., use \.


Mark the start of a bracket expression. To match [, use \[.


Match the previous subexpression zero or once, or specify a non-Greedy qualifier. To match? Character, use \?.


Mark the next character as or a special character, or a literal character, or backward reference, or an octal escape character. For example, 'n' matches the character 'n '. '\ N' matches the line break. The sequence '\' matches "\", while '\ (' matches "(".


Matches the start position of the input string. Unless used in the square brackets expression, this character set is not accepted. To match the ^ character itself, use \ ^.


Mark the start of a qualifier expression. To match {, use \{.


Specifies a choice between two items. To match |, use \ |.

So yes

Copy codeThe Code is as follows :*.? + $ ^ [] () {}| \/

The method for constructing a regular expression is the same as that for creating a mathematical expression. That is, a larger expression is created by combining a small expression with a variety of metacharacters and operators. The regular expression component can be a single character, Character Set combination, character range, choice between characters, or any combination of all these components.

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