Summary of startup errors after compiling Ubuntu Kernel

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Ubuntu12.04 kernel version: 3.2 .... I cannot remember, because we need to upgrade the kernel to the advanced version.

During the upgrade due to space is not large enough, use make bzimage, Stop command, and then restart after a series of errors, resulting in failure to start, end here, upgrade the kernel, please refer to the post:

Error 1: startup error: saned disabled; edit/etc/default/saned


Step 1: When Ubuntu is started, press Ctrl
+ ALT + F1, enter physical terminal;

Step 2:Use your username and password to log on to physical
Terminal: You can enter any command, but it has no graphic effect.

Step 3:Install gnome-shell

$ Sudo apt-Get update
$ Sudo apt-Get install gnome-shell

Step 4: restart after installation

$ Sudo reboot

Everything OK 

Error 2:Startup error:Checking battery state...


  1. CTRL + ALT + F1, enter the terminal, and log on with the user name and password
  2. Run as administrator:


    Sudo apt-Get install TPD
    Sudo dpkg-reconfigure TPD

  3. Reselect the monitor and chooseLightdmMode:

  4. Restart the instance.

There are other methods to solve the above problem.

Reference: 1.



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