Summary of the week six

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This week's study focuses on Java graphical user interface programming and JAVAI/O system, the practice time is relatively abundant, basically can master the content, and the teacher has done a lot of expansion for us to help us improve the actual development capabilities.

In the Java graphical user interface program, we have initially learned how to set up a variety of containers and components, and use the layout of the panel to complete the layout more efficiently, but it only stays in the stitching of a static picture, but this week began to extend, learning to use event-driven programming, To make the static picture have some simple functions, in Javagui, the program is responsible for interacting with the user, and the event is the execution of the driver, which includes the concept of learning events and event sources, and how to use event listeners to capture an event to be carried out and handle it. To implement the listener of an event, the listener object must be an instance of the corresponding event listener interface, and the listener object will be registered to the event source, but there are four main ways to define the listener: 1, the Listener class is defined in a separate class, 2, Let the GUI program itself implement the Listener interface, 3, using the member internal class definition listener class, 4, using anonymous inner class definition listener class, the above method recommended the last two to implement the function of the listener. After that, you learned the three-layer programming structure, including the presentation layer, the business logic layer, the data access layer, which can make your code more hierarchical and convenient for later maintenance. Finally realized a simple calculator and QQ programming practice, and the previous ATM system has been greatly modified.

In the JAVAI/O system first learned the type of flow, mainly have to appear in the input/output stream, byte stream and character stream, node flow and processing flow, and then learn the InputStream and outputstream many methods, there are low-level byte stream and high-level byte stream, After that, we expanded the use of Java programs to manipulate Excel tables, acted as our staging database, and again modified the ATM code to join the temporary database of Excel.

Summary of the week six

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