Summary of virtual machine and DNS preliminary knowledge (i)

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One, Windows Server 2012 is divided into the standard and Datacenter Editions, two versions of the same features, only the licensing differences, the Standard Edition only allowed to run two virtual machines, the Datacenter version is not limited.

Second, the basic configuration of the operating system:

1, modify the host name;

2, configure the network;

3, close the firewall;

4. Turn on Remote Desktop.

Third, Snapshot: Prevent misoperation, general knowledge and test or experimental environment, production environment with caution, Ad Server is not suitable for snapshot, SQL Server cluster, Exchange Server is not suitable for snapshot.

The cost of a snapshot: disk space consumption.

Four, the basic configuration of Virtual machine: Adjust the memory, adjust the CPU, adjust the disk, adjust the network and so on.

V. The benefits of installing VMware Tools: Improve the performance of your virtual machines and drive your devices.

If you install Windows Server 2003/2008, you need to manually install VMware Tools.

Six, two ways to activate Windows Server 2012: Online activation and phone activation.

Seven, DNS: Domain name resolution Service; main function: Provide the resolution between the domain name and IP address.

History of Domain name parsing:

1, distributed analysis: The analysis of each host is responsible for the work;

2, centralized analysis: the resolution work by a host responsible;

3, both distribution and concentration: DNS.

The complete representation of the domain name: example, (“.” is the root).

DNS Query mode: (1) Recursive query: client-initiated query;

(2) Iterative query: server-initiated query.

Zone: The DNS server is responsible for resolving the namespace.

Forward lookup zone: resolves the domain name to an IP address.

Reverse lookup zone: Resolves an IP address to a domain name.

Region type: (1) Main area: Contains all the contents of this area, this content can be read and writable;

(2) Auxiliary area: The data in the auxiliary area is copied in the main area, this content can only be read and cannot be modified;

(3) Stub zone: The Data in the stub zone is replicated in the primary zone, but only NS, SOA, and sticky A records are replicated;

(4) Dynamic update: When the client's IP address or host name changes, the DNS server automatically updates the record.

Nine, record type: A: Host record;

SOA: The starting authorization record, which is the primary server for this zone, and the relationship between the primary server and the secondary server;

NS: Name server records, which servers in this zone are responsible for parsing;

CNAME: Alias Record, alias of host record, change of IP;

MX: Mail exchanger record;

PTR: Reverse pointer record.

Ten, serial number: Record data modification version.

XI. Primary server: The primary server responsible for this zone.

12, the person in charge: Administrator, use the mailbox of the administrator.

13, Refresh interval: data replication interval;

Retry Interval: When the primary server communicates with the secondary server abnormally, it retries 10 minutes;

Expiry time: If more than one day the secondary server is not contacted with the primary server, the data of the secondary server is invalid;

TTL: Data cache time.

14. Benefits of creating a secondary server:

(1) Provide DNS resolution fault tolerance: when the primary server fails, the secondary server can provide resolution work;

(2) Sharing DNS resolution load: The client's DNS query requests are shared to multiple servers;

(3) Speed up the query.

Summary of virtual machine and DNS preliminary knowledge (i)

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