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For most ordinary users, the chassis is not open for a long time, not to mention to the computer to do a clean, and now the weather is hot, many users began to find their own computer frequently crash, restart the problem-the accumulation of dust has been a long time to play the role of "insulation", the computer does not die to blame. Hurry up and pick up the brush and the fur tiger, let's make a clean of the equipment inside the computer chassis. Radiator part of the CPU and the video card on the radiator is simply dust absorber, we have to clean them first.

Remove the CPU heatsink (the various types of radiator installation methods see this issue D16 version of the new School article), and then remove the radiator fan (usually through plastic fasteners or screws fixed), with a brush to clean the dust on the fan blades, both the front and back to clean.  Next is the heatsink, if the dust has piled into a regiment, it is recommended that the radiator reverse buckle on the ground, shaking off large pieces of dust regiment, and then use the brush to remove the rest, if some of the dust in the gap is not brush off, you can consider water Chong, as long as washed clean it completely dry. Graphics can also be the same as the radiator, but the heatsink of the graphics card is more difficult to remove some, the need for a certain hands-on ability, ordinary players do their work, it is not taken down with a brush to clean the fan and large group of dust can be.

Key Note: The heatsink can be washed, the fan does not wash-because the water into the motor is not dry. In addition, the heat sink to go back before you must fill some silicone grease at the bottom to ensure good contact effect. In addition to the board part of the radiator is everywhere, full of components of the board is like eating large gray. You can see that in the motherboard of the CPU power circuit part of the video card on the radiator airflow through the part, are full of dust. It is recommended to take the entire motherboard out of the chassis and clean it. In addition, memory and PCI-E slots, SATA connectors also need to clean, which is very easy to accumulate dust, will lead to video card or memory, SATA line plug in when the contact is bad.

Attention: Do not wash with water! The heatsink can be washed and the card will not be washed. Although in theory can be washed, but the difficulty is ordinary users how to dry it ... The droplets in the gap between the components and weld feet are very difficult to manage, and can cause some metal contacts to rust. So it's more safe to use brushes and fur tigers to deal with the dust on these components. The chassis section is best to take all the accessories out of the chassis and do a thorough cleaning.  At the bottom of the machine, the front into the tuyere and the rear of the outlet are ash place, need to focus on cleaning, here with a brush and skin tigers, if some of the place is really dirty, you can use a cleaning agent with a half wet cloth cleaning. Note: Be careful of the internal edge of the chassis scratches hand, especially some low-grade chassis, the edge is very sharp, with a rag when careful. Other parts such as hard disk, optical drive, such as the device casing on the ash, with a slightly wet cloth to wipe off, and then wipe with a dry cloth, you can not use a wet rag to wipe the bare circuit board part.

In addition to these considerations, in the computer to clean the time to be more careful, the position and order of the Assembly and disassembly parts to remember, screws, fixed fasteners do not lose--of course, there is a point is, do clean when you wear masks, the dust flying everywhere is really not covered ... When you are done cleaning, you will find that your computer is operating at a much lower temperature and the noise from the fans is much reduced.

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