Summer Notebook is very hot how to do notebook cooling method recommended

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Spring is coming to the summer, the spring of 2012 years is nearing the end, the author 2 years ago to buy a computer due to the weather gradually become hot and heat dissipation, now Dongguan, and so on basically have worn short sleeve, facing the notebook computer cooling face more and more severe test, so how to let the notebook shun this increasingly hot summer? Here are some solutions given by users.

⒈) lower processor power supply

Create a power plan in power management that is designed to play games the maximum processor of the power Plan is set to 99%, so that you can turn off the core frequency, limited temperature reduction, of course, can also be set to 90%, 80%, etc., so that the CPU frequency is lower, fever is lower, see your needs, because the more the drop, The performance of the processor is relatively lower, so it can be adjusted according to the actual application.

To set up a processor power tutorial

⒉) lowers the processor core

Now the computer's processor core is more and more, but many times there will be excess performance, if the computer is using four nuclear processing, then we can reduce the processing core to achieve energy saving and reduce processing heat. The method is in the computer start to enter: Msconfig command, after we turn the processor core off half, anyway also use not so many cores, so can greatly reduce the fever! We can try!

Reduce the number of processor cores

In addition, we can use the game overclocking software to reduce the frequency of the computer to achieve the processor itself calorific value. It is important to note that the above solutions are at the expense of a certain computer performance in exchange for, but to really do a good job in the notebook, it is still necessary to have a nice environment (such as a room with air-conditioning), and we can also clean the laptop by cleaning the fan dust (suitable for the use of notebook users after a period of time to promote) Purchase notebook radiator to enhance the auxiliary cooling and so on.

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