Summer room, IT managers how to ensure safe operation of the Victoria?

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According to Xinhua, the recent rainstorm hit the country, 21 provinces have been flooded, has caused 33 deaths, 14 people missing. Yesterday 6 o'clock, Hebei Meteorological Observatory continued to release rainstorm Blue Warning, is expected in the south of Chengde, Tangshan, Qinhuangdao, Langfang and other areas of heavy rain, local rainstorm, in order to prevent urban waterlogging, small and medium river floods and mountain torrents of geological hazards, to remind relevant departments and the masses to do defense work. Obviously, into the midsummer extreme variability of the weather, has sounded the warning to people.

Facing the changeable weather, enterprise IT room and data center also face the test of management, security and so on. With the rapid development of information technology, China has become a global data center. April 17, Amazon Cloud Drive cloud storage, Hebei Langfang data center completed ahead of time, the project total investment of 9.8 billion yuan, will provide Amazon shopping site data storage and cloud computing services; on June 6, Dell announced that its global operating base in Chengdu was officially put into operation, covering an area of 30,000 square meters, Up to 7 million units a year (Dell Desktop products), to help Dell for local and European and U.S. and other overseas customers to provide products and services, and such a large production process, behind the hero is the data center.

It computer room and data center is especially important for business development, because of the variability of domestic climate environment, it brings great challenge for it operation and maintenance management. Summer room, IT managers not only to solve the temperature and humidity of the engine room, ensure the stable operation of server equipment and ensure data security issues, but also to reduce the total cost of ownership of enterprises pressure.

We know that most of the rooms are built with refrigeration systems to keep the internal temperature within 22 ℃. However, the high temperature of the summer will cause more system, hardware abnormal work, and even the paralysis strike, and the room and data center of the internal temperature than the average level of 10 degrees, the data center "melt" the risk will increase by 5%. How to ensure that the computer room or data center in the high temperature and rainy weather in a safe and stable operation, the many IT managers are now eager to solve the problem.

As a CIO or IT manager of the enterprise how to solve these "hot" troubles, "rain" worry, may wish to start from the following aspects.

Enhanced Data center Refrigeration system

Data center, supporting the entire enterprise IT system normal operation of the background structure, including computing, storage, network and other high-performance, high-density hardware equipment. such as servers, storage devices as power sources also become heat sources of producers, coupled with the summer temperature rise, IT managers have to take measures to strengthen the refrigeration system to ensure that the internal temperature within the safety line.

First, combined with the enterprise's own data center structure layout, the construction can change with the load management refrigeration system. In full load operation, can provide sufficient cold and air volume, under the condition of dissatisfaction, refrigeration system can provide the appropriate air volume, in order to ensure accurate regulation at the same time, but also better green energy saving, cost savings.

Secondly, different refrigeration forms are adopted according to the different density regions of the data center. For example, water cooler cabinets can be used in the high density area of the blade server.

Third, the use of air ventilation technology, but to achieve a very uniform air supply, the actual operation of a certain degree of difficulty, this is not recommended for small and medium-sized enterprises to adopt.

Summary: The data center refrigeration system strengthens, needs the CIO according to the internal facility layout to carry on the careful construction.

Select the appropriate server device

In addition to strengthening the data center refrigeration system, from the hardware infrastructure can also be used to save energy consumption, platform normal operation efficiency. In the face of extreme environmental or special application needs, equipment manufacturers strive for high temperature environment, the introduction of high-temperature-resistant servers or with cooling technology equipment for the overall solution, such as Dell PowerEdge Server can be 5 ℃ to 45 ℃ normal operation.

Dell to ensure that the enterprise data center servers, storage and other equipment in the high temperature environment to operate normally, reduce the additional maintenance and infrastructure costs, in the development of high-temperature-resistant servers, as well as the Enterprise data Center to create fresh air cooling solutions. The combination of this solution not only has the advantages of high heat dissipation and reliability, but also makes the server, storage and network equipment in the scheme allow to operate safely and stably under higher temperature conditions, so as to avoid the "strike" phenomenon caused by high temperature downtime.

Summary: It computer room or data center has a good server, storage equipment not only to reduce it failure rate, but more importantly, reduce the enterprise TCO.

Establishment of equipment real-time monitoring mechanism

Enterprise IT room equipment (servers, storage, switches, etc.) most of the 24x7 operation, in the face of high temperature, rainy season, enterprises should establish real-time equipment monitoring mechanism. The monitoring mechanism consists of two parts: Employee real-time inspection and network real-time monitoring.

Enterprise deployment related staff to the server equipment running data analysis by day, and sorting out the server log, so that the first time to deal with abnormal phenomena; at the same time, the server room for daily inspection, to avoid man-made such as the computer room disorderly stacking debris, dust and other situations interfere with the normal operation of the server. On the other hand, enterprises choose a set of server monitoring solutions, real-time monitoring of the server, in the event of downtime, storage hard disk damage timely alarm, the first time to arrange the relevant technical personnel for renovation.

servers, storage providers, in addition to safeguarding product quality, will also customize or add multi-function tools and software to meet the needs of enterprises in many aspects. Dell as China's largest server provider, in the day-to-day maintenance of products is the industry first. Dell 12G Server Built-in Hardware diagnostics tool diagnostics, and does not rely on the operating system, if the hardware does not work correctly, will automatically alarm; At the same time, Dell to provide users with Openmange Essentials system management software, to provide agent-free monitoring services.

In addition to the Dell Server, IBM, HP, Huawei and other servers have similar diagnostic tools or management software.

Summary: People without foresight, there must be immediate worries. Enterprises are also so, relying solely on artificial equipment real-time monitoring, will invest a lot of manpower and resources. Therefore, the choice of a complete set of server monitoring solution is the best monitoring measures.

Develop a disaster backup repair scenario

There are many unexpected situation in the summer room, such as the computer room power outage, server downtime, storage hard disk damage, etc., in order to ensure the normal operation of the room, preventive measures, enterprises in the summer to do the corresponding disaster preparedness measure is of great significance.

Since the device failure problem (server downtime, etc.) is unavoidable, the IT manager needs to discuss with the relevant IT experts when purchasing the equipment, analyze the situation where the enterprise may fail, and develop a set of disaster preparedness and repair plan to reduce the loss caused by the failure. Specific programmes are:

Strengthen equipment maintenance inspection, make equipment in summer operation plan, reserve or coordinate back-up emergency water source and fuel, ensure adequate standby resources when power off and water cut, and take active measures to deal with passive conditions, such as reserve emergency ice, purchase axial fan for ventilation, and spray measures.

Summary: The disaster preparedness and repair scheme is very important to the enterprise, not only ensure the normal operation of the platform, but also further ensure the security of the data.

Do well waterproof, lightning protection measures

It computer room or data center do the above points on the safe? The answer is obviously negative, enterprise room also need to do waterproof, lightning protection and other safety measures.

The room is equipped with a large number of sophisticated, expensive computer and network equipment, which have high density, high speed, low voltage and low power consumption characteristics, not only afraid of water, but also a variety of such as Lightning Overvoltage, power system operation Overvoltage, electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic radiation and other electromagnetic interference is very sensitive. If the protective measures are weak, the enterprise may suffer heavy losses at any time.

Rainy summer, the room should be more to prevent leakage accidents occur. IT managers can directly reduce the pressure of the air conditioner water supply pipe in the room to solve the leakage hidden trouble. Through the analysis of the water supply system of the Special air conditioner humidifier in the room, experts believe that the room special air-conditioning humidification tank does not require excessive water supply pressure, on the contrary to reduce the pressure of air-conditioning water supply pipe room, can make the valve in the water supply pipe, joints, elbows, pipe wall of the pressure to reduce the safety factor, It is beneficial to the realization of the safe water supply in the room.

If there is rain, there will be thunder. In order to protect the electronic network equipment in buildings and buildings from lightening damage or minimizing damage to lightning, the design of lightning protection measures should be carried out from the angle of overall thunder prevention. It computer room should be mainly from the UPS power System Lightning protection, communication system lightning protection and over-voltage protective and lightning Protector installation and wiring start.

Summary: Although it computer room in the beginning of the construction has done waterproof, lightning protection, shock and other sudden disaster measures, but in the summer rainy season, still need to do a good job of inspection and defense measures to prevent emergencies.

With the rise of large data, cloud computing becomes the pet of the enterprise, all kinds of computing rely on data center more and more, the diversification of business, also put forward higher request to the equipment management, Operation dimension and security of it computer room. In the face of multiple failures, the summer of the computer room and data center is a severe test. Therefore, IT managers to do a good job in the summer room fault defense measures is very important.

Written in the last

In the face of the impact of the summer on the computer room, IT managers in addition to take some effective measures to prevent the failure occurred, but also want to ensure that the platform under normal operation to reduce TCO, to enhance overall energy efficiency. Data center energy efficiency has quickly become an industry priority, according to the Datacenterusersgroup survey. The vast majority of respondents believe that data centers have great opportunities for energy efficiency improvements in refrigeration equipment (49%), Servers (46%), Power Equipment (39%) and storage devices (21%). This shows that enterprises urgently reduce investment, operation and other costs. And the most direct, most effective way to do this is that enterprises in the procurement of equipment for the room, from the outset to choose to have low energy consumption, high temperature and other characteristics of equipment or complete sets of solutions, not only can effectively reduce the failure rate, but also to reduce the overall cost of ownership of enterprises.

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