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June 21 is the day of the summer solstice. At this time, the sun is directed at the return line, which is the longest day in the daytime in the northern hemisphere. Although the day of the summer solstice has the longest day and the highest angle of the sun, it is not the hottest time of the year. Because, close to the surface of the heat, this time is still saving, and did not reach the most. As the saying goes, "the hot weather is three volts". The real hot weather is calculated based on the summer solstice and the beginning of autumn. From Middle July to middle August, the temperature in all parts of China was the highest, and the highest temperature in some areas could reach about 40 degrees.

Summer solstice is the earliest holiday in China. During the period before the Qing Dynasty, we had a one-day holiday nationwide during the summer solstice and went home to have a drink with our loved ones. The Book of Rites also records the obvious phenomena related to the summer solstice solar term in the natural world: "the summer solstice, the anthorn solution, the beginning of the song, the growth of the water, the wood ." It indicates that at this time, you can start to cut antlers, and chaner starts to tweet. The plants of the Chinese system, Chinese system, and Chinese system gradually blossom. From the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the summer solstice is the most popular season of Yang Qi. Health care should adapt to the characteristics of summer yang sheng, pay attention to the protection of Yang Qi, focusing on a "long" word.

"Su Wen-Si "said: "To make your mind angry, to make huaying a show, to make your breath leak, if you love outside, this summer, the way to grow up ". That is to say, in the summer, we should be clear, happy, happy, wide-minded, and full-spirited. If everything needs sunshine, we should have a strong interest in external things and cultivate an optimistic and outgoing character, facilitate air leak. On the contrary, it is not advisable to let your machine jump if you are tired or angry or depressed. Ji Kang's health care theory has his own unique view of the hot summer, and thinks that the summer is hot, "it is more appropriate to calm down, often like ice and snow in the heart, hot is also less than my heart, hot cannot be hot, it is too hot." That is, "Quiet, natural, and cool", which is the spirit of the summer health care law.


Daily care, in order to adapt to the changes in the natural world, it is recommended to sleep and get up early. Hot summer, "heat is easy to hurt" if the sweat is too much, it is dizzy chest tightness, heart palpitations, thirst, nausea or even coma. When arranging outdoor work and physical exercise, we should avoid the hot sun and strengthen protection. Arrange lunch breaks reasonably. One is to avoid heat and the other is to restore fatigue. Daily warm water bath is also an advocate of fitness measures, not only can wash away sweat, dirt, make the skin clean and cool summer heat prevention, but also can play the purpose of exercise. Because the water pressure and mechanical massage during the warm water bath can make the nervous system less excited, the body surface vascular expansion, accelerate blood circulation, improve skin and tissue nutrition, reduce muscle tension, eliminate fatigue, improves sleep and increases resistance. In addition, the summer is very hot, and it is easy to be affected by the cold and dampness. When sleeping, it is not suitable for Fan-type air supply and air-conditioned rooms. The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor rooms should not be too large, and it is not suitable for night sleep.

Sports maintenance is also an indispensable factor in health care.

It is best to exercise in the summer when the weather is cooler in the morning or evening. The venue should choose places with fresh air, such as rivers and lakes by water, Park Gardens, etc, people with conditions can go to the forest and seaside areas for recuperation and vacation. Exercise items are good for walking, jogging, Taijiquan, and Radio Exercises. It is not suitable for excessively vigorous activities. If exercise is excited, it can lead to sweat and sweat, may also damage Yang. In the exercise process, sweating too much, you can properly drink light salt water or mung bean brine soup, do not drink a lot of cold water, do not immediately use cold water shower, otherwise, it will cause various diseases, such as cold and Dampness Syndrome and Yellow sweat.

Diet and maintenance, there is a heart fire in the summer, the heart fire is too prosperous, then ke Fei Jin said (five points of view), so "Jinyi want to slightly" there is a saying that "Summer don't eat heart. According to the relationship between the five elements (fire in summer), five components (long in summer), five components (Heart), and five flavors (bitter in summer), the bitter elements can also help the heart to make the lungs. Summer is the season of sweating, sweating, the salt loss is also more, if the myocardial salt deficiency, the heart beats will appear abnormal. Chinese medicine believes that at this time should eat more sour taste, to solid table, eat more salty flavor to make up the heart. "Simple question-Qi Method Time Theory" said: the heart of the Main summer, "the heart is slow, the acute food acid to collect it", "the heart desire to renew, the acute food salty to buy it, "Add it with salt and put it with sugar ". That is to say, the gas is soft, so it is salty and soft. From the perspective of yin and yang, the diet should not be too cold, as the "Yi Shen Ji" said: "In the summer, Wangwang renal failure, although hot, should not eat cold Tao ice and snow, honey water, jelly, cold porridge. ." Xinwang renal failure, that is, the meaning of external hot cold, because of its external hot cold, so cold food should not eat more, less is still OK, greedy will be cold damage the spleen and stomach, it is vomiting and diarrhea. Although watermelon, mung bean soup, and ebony bean soup are good for quenching thirst and summer heat, they are not suitable for ice-based food. According to the relationship between the dirty and dirty in traditional Chinese medicine, "the fire of the kidney is cold, and the water of the heart is fire. Heart must have kidney water to nourish, kidney must be heart fire to warm "from it is not difficult to see the important relationship between the heart and kidney.

In summer, the climate is hot, and the human's digestion function is relatively weak. Therefore, the diet should be light and should not be fat and thick, to eat more grains to cold their bodies, should not eat hot food, so as to avoid heat; when the cold food melon fruit can stop, do not eat, so as to avoid damage to the spleen and stomach; thick taste of fat products should be less not more, so as not to heat the wind, stimulate the disease of hemorrhoids.



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