Summer Vacation Summary

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The summer vacation will soon be over, make a small summary:

Summer Time:July 14-August 30 Total ( should be three years of high school vacation the longest)

July 13 : Return home after the morning, summer vacation is coming. (in the school white sat all morning.) 囧

July 14 : Formally put on the summer vacation "high up!" 】

July 14-July 20 : All kinds of play.

July 21 : The departure to Luoyang (every summer will go)

July 22-July 31 : All kinds of eating and drink + exercise body.

August 1 : Back to Anyang

August 2-August 19 : Evening to School to learn Oi (late self-study time. Ordinary class bitter force. )

August 20 – August 29 : Start writing assignments. (The job seems so much in these 10 days.) )

August 30 : Tidy up

August 31 : Homecoming, Summer "END" (Sancent)

Things to do during the summer vacation:

"Naruto" TV edition officially see 600 episodes (oneself and simply see the 635. )

I would like to read some books. I didn't read it. "I am very important" read half a book.

It seems that there is nothing to "cover your Face".

Summer is like this to play the past!

2015-08-27 17:38:30

Summer Vacation Summary

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