Sunflower Gantt Chart (sfgantt) beta2 released

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After nearly 40 days of Development and four versions of updates, we finally released the beta2 version of sunflower Gantt chart at the weekend, this version has basically implemented all our preset functional requirements. Before the official version is released, the main update will be the improvement of the document and the refinement of interfaces. Of course, it is not excluded that major updates are made based on user requirements.

Over the past 40 days, we have made many updates to the sunflower Gantt Chart, so that basically allCodeThe specific update is overwritten. Because it has been mentioned in the previous Update log, we will not repeat it again. Just summarize the important content:

1. the Gantt chart'sData Access MechanismThe structure is clearer and supports multiple types of data (currently only project XML files are supported), and data is added, deleted, modified, and reorganized on this basis.

2. browser compatibility is optimized. Currently, browsers that can be supported through tests include:Ie5.5, IE6, IE7, Firefox 2.0, opera9.5,Browsers not supported by our tests include:Ie5.0Or earlier versions,Firefox 3.0, opera9.25Other browser versions are not tested. among the unsupported browser versions, we are most sorry that firefox3.0 was temporarily unable to support the version before it was released. We hope this problem can be solved as soon as possible.

3. AddServer cache, read as needed, create as neededThese three structures have greatly optimized the Gantt chart performance. At present, the performance has been significantly improved compared with beta1. Currently, Gantt charts that can run tasks (of course, relatively slow, this is a limit example ). of course, we have not implementedDownload as neededThis feature is already under planning.

4. completely rewrite the overall interface structure of the Gantt chart to support more browsers while allowing more fine-grained configuration.


After beta2 comes out, many interfaces are gradually stabilized. Therefore, we will suspend the development of large functions, and first begin to improve the documentation, in addition, the Gantt chart interface is improved while the documentation is complete. We hope that when beta3 is complete, sunflower Gantt chart is no longer an example that you can only see on our website, it is an interface that you can use flexibly according to our interface.


Welcome to preview or download the trial of the sunflower Gantt Chart topic on the scheduling network. You are also welcome to submit your feedback at any time!

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