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Very hungry in the morning. As soon as I got home, I rushed to the wheat and bought the wheat-flavored pork bread breakfast.
Pig is delicious.
Do not eat eggs, do not eat bread, do not eat potato cakes, do not drink coffee.
I ordered another orange juice.
Cool. I don't know whether it's frozen by orange juice or by rain.

When I got home, it was cold or hungry.
Cold and hungry.
I paid the bill for the whole morning.
Dad is at work. Well, work to raise a family.
Dad is the supporter.

Finally, the system is hungry.
B said: Come and eat.
No. Dad is saving money. It's hard to wait for him to go home and have dinner with him.

Xianyi's heart is four, and I plan to cook lunch for my mother-in-law.
B said: Well, you can't wait.
That ...... Please call it "xianhui haokao ?!

I used to cook pasta. It is a pity that it is too late to cook the noodles. It is best to soak the water for cooking.
I plan to cook milk and eat it. I rushed to the refrigerator and found a pack of milk. This reminds me that Niang does not eat dairy products.
Very deficient.
Pizza? When the telephone Lady asked me, she told me that pizza was just used as a snack. She suggested that I get a snack at four o'clock P.M.
Oh, my God. Sorrow. It turns out that I can eat it like this.

Rubs and rubs.
The cooking is normal.

I was planning to fry a beef. When I started the refrigerator, I found that all the beef was sliced and pickled.
Cold. Hold down.
Just happened to be a father of the family. He said, Let's cook it like western food.
Thinking about the old ox tendon that almost broke my teeth yesterday ......
I decided not to eat beef today.
Poor B, who is still YY, shouted that he loves fried beef most.

Today, I put some onions into the butter and forced them to taste better.
I do not know whether it is delicious or not.
I didn't eat it.

Dad's old teeth are really nice. I have already eaten half of the food.
It seems a little anxious.
Hey. It's not for me.

Rummaging through the refrigerator, turning out the clams and tomatoes, and a portion of the remaining egg in the cassida sauce yesterday, and then taking a whole egg.

So ...... Sauteed clam and tomato and egg soup.

I'm bored with it, OK?
Then I started to talk about it.

Stir-fry the clam.
1. Put some peanut oil in the hot pot first. (Recently, peanut oil is getting less and less popular. I heard that sunflower oil is not tasty. Ask Niang to buy a can next time)
2. After the oil is hot, drop some chopped onion slices. (I admit, onions are chopped. I'm afraid .)
3. xiyanba. (It suddenly seems like a journal account .)
4. Then bloom. (Well, I admit it's really boring .)
5. When the clams are all opened, you can start the pot. (Today, I was taught by Sm to attack me .)

The next step is tomato and egg soup.
It is really simple, but I am still bored.
The simpler it is, the more practical it is.
1. Keep the oil in the hot pot.
2. xiyanba.
3. Drop the cut tomatoes and fry them for a while.
4. add water. Stamp.
5. Boil the boiling water in the pot, and evenly pour the protein and egg mixture that is evenly stirred into the water.
6. Stir and scatter.
7. seasoning. (I have tasted it. It tastes nice. You do not need to call it again .)
8. soup in the pot.

Comment --
Dad said: the taste is very good, It is very plain, and it is very comfortable to drink.
Said Niang: Alas, if I had to add some sugar, MSG and chopped green onion.
I said: Well, my taste is the best.

No chopped green onion.
I don't want to eat scallions.

Last full view of lunch.
Niang actually has tai Tang.
Lost. I knew I had to cook mashed potatoes.
But I don't have black pepper. Haha.

The last proof of the head of the person.

Boring. Go out.

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