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What is squatting:

The so-called squatting, simply divided, there are two kinds of means of squatting:

1, a domain name has never been registered backorder, in this case, is generally the domain name of the registrant to foresee the potential value of the domain name, before others think of the domain name registered. This scope contains some names, intellectual property rights, etc. for well-known brands, well-known groups or individuals. This type of squatting is highly predictive.

2, to a once registered domain name of the backorder, a registered domain name, if not be able to renew in time before the end of the validity period, it will be deleted after a period of time. In the first time after the deletion, the preemptive registration to the domain name of the act, as another kind of squatting, is also currently recognized as a squatting.

After a domain name is deleted, any individual, organization, can be queried by the domain name registrar and to register the domain name, without any restrictions, fully comply with the first-come first-served principle. Because there are now many websites that provide query functionality that will be deleted by the domain name. As a result, some good domain names are often registered by a new registrant within 100 milliseconds of being deleted. Most of the time, even if you do not have the time to query the domain is deleted, it has been the one.

Common methods of squatting

Auction Backorder

Currently the most popular form of squatting will also pay a lot of unnecessary additional fees, the domain name you choose to the backorder company, and then by the professional company to the squatting, because a domain name may not only a user to submit the backorder, so after the successful domain name squatting, the domain name will not be directly delivered to the principal party, But by bidding by all the principal auction, as the principle of all auctions, the same high price, also noteworthy is that the auction has been a black-out operation and malicious bid and other negative comments, the auction is indeed the highest success rate of squatting is currently the form of squatting, of course, limited to domestic and foreign large-scale squatting company, Not a small company.

Web squatting

Ordinary people's squatting form, usually through the Web registration, is constantly to refresh a webpage, and then to the purpose of squatting, this way is simple, and there is not too much additional costs, but time consuming force. More important is that this method for the domain name squatting, is simply ineffective waste of time. First send the data is relatively large, in fact, the sending cycle is long, the domain name squatting is a millisecond battlefield. This form of squatting is not advisable. At present, some rice farmers in the form of software to simulate the use of Web page refresh instead of manual refresh. While this software has greatly improved the speed of operation, it is still not a real backorder software, only a high-speed registration software. And the frequent sending of data can be a danger of being banned.

Software Backorder

such as the site of the software, which is currently the world all the squatting company General Backorder software, through the top registrar to provide API interface, with the smallest amount of data, the fastest transmission rate, directly bypass the browser program, uninterrupted send registration information to the top registrar server to achieve the purpose of squatting. Although the software functions and procedures are the same, but compared with the professional squatting company, in terms of personal bandwidth and the number of personal interfaces and the professional squatting company than at a disadvantage, but more than the page refresh form of squatting a lot more powerful.

Principle of squatting

The principle of squatting is actually very simple, is through the technical means in the deletion of the domain name at the same time or in a moment, to the major domain registrars to provide the interface to send registration data (about 100 milliseconds to complete the verification and the first data sent and in the following time to maintain about 10 milliseconds of uninterrupted transmission, Until the status of the backorder is changed and stopped). So in this process, you need to consider a variety of factors such as the Registrar's level, the speed of the interface, the number of interfaces. A professional squatting company has at least dozens of registrar registration interface and foreign large-scale squatting companies may have thousands of domain interfaces around the world, this is not a technical point of view to help users solve the problem.

But from the software perspective itself, the world's most excellent squatting software, I can provide just a software, I can't decide the speed of the interface, can not determine the number of interfaces, but also determine the length of the node, can not determine the width of the network speed, this time will be involved in the following mentioned success rate of the problem.

Success rate of squatting

There's always been a question of users asking about the rate of squatting, and I think it's worth explaining. Domain name squatting industry, each domain name is not just a person to rob, there are some top-level domain names may be tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of people at the same time, for this domain name, the success rate is one of tens of thousands of or hundreds of thousands of.

In addition, due to the current abuse of software, any grassroots may have a variety of various types of interface of the squatting software, so that even a very common domain name will be hundreds of people to rob. Through the super-backorder website survey and data statistics, in the super-backorder open squatting, from all over the same domain name of the domain assistant of the number of squatting requests reached dozens of, resulting in the super-backorder server often inexplicable when the machine, but caused the decline in efficiency of the squatting, in fact, the actual situation is this, The user sees is oneself in rob a domain name, and from my angle indeed a lot of squatting the same domain name data came to the Super Backorder server. In order to avoid this situation, the unrestricted development of the use of ordinary users, in turn, is only available to VIP users free of charge.

Super-squatting backorder software really can not give you the success rate, I just use my constant efforts to give users a chance.

About Backorder software

Professional backorder software Hundreds of thousands of set, even more professional level how much do you pay for the people do not sell you. Who is not stupid, this is a cornucopia, sell a copy is half of the market. If you ask me to say through my "about equal to free software" must grab a top-level domain that's called imposition.

Even that professional software is not guaranteed to be able to get a top-level domain in a very short period of time. With that professional software a year to grab a good domain name has been good. Because a domain name will be able to recover all the costs, super-backorder is never a professional squatting site, super-backorder is not a website to sell software, here I must declare one point: super-backorder development of all the squatting software is not sold, but to my VIP users to use for free. This problem is clear, in order to avoid users to enter a misunderstanding. Because the entire super-backorder software is a super-backorder site one person in the development, personal ability and Energy limited, so the software developed will certainly have such a shortage, especially the software this piece, the face of the user's excessive demand is also nowhere to complain. I use my efforts to research new technology to develop new features, I use my technical area to give back to the people who have supported me, I have the confidence to do the super war better and better, that's all.

"Super-backorder development software can't get too good domain name, for professional rice farmers I suggest users can choose other more professional domain name platform, or to buy more professional squatting software," said the super-squatting site and super-squatting may be a devastating blow, but I have to say that I can not bluff to the conscience, hehe.

So what can the backorder software do? Super-squatting Backorder software in your selection of ordinary domain name process still has a certain advantage, it simplifies your work, concise your operation, you do not have to keep in front of the computer waiting for the deletion of the domain name at the moment to register your favorite domain name, but the software automatically determine the appropriate time for you to register the domain name you want to choose. That's all we can do.

Super-squatting backorder software can not contend with the professional domain name squatting Company, the technology is not too big difference, but the resources are too much difference. Perhaps its only advantage is that it is quicker to save time and effort than those who manually rob a domain name.

Digression: If you can grab the top-level domain, I will not open my software, I grabbed the domain name for a year hundreds of tens of millions of of the income is not better, although not good to hear but this is true.

About Custom Software

As mentioned above, in a number of backorder data sent through the client to the super-backorder server, the super-backorder site to see a thrilling silent fight. So I set up a new development task for myself, that is, to differentiate the work of squatting, to give users more autonomy to choose their own suitable interface. On the one hand, in order to alleviate the pressure of super-backorder server, on the other hand, users can provide more squatting options.

Custom software is not paid software, but is provided as an additional service to super-backorder VIP users free of charge. Because custom software faces a variety of interfaces, research and testing takes time. At present, custom software is also an additional service, considering too many factors, at the same time in order to consider the ecological balance of the market, indeed inconvenient abuse, hunted, outweigh the gains.

The old saying goes: From the software point of view, I will continue to research through the technology to upgrade, let it play to the extreme, the success of the registration is not too much related to the software itself, but a comprehensive consideration of the factors too much, do not dare to ensure that the software can catch up with professional squatting software, But definitely more powerful than the super-backorder general-purpose backorder software and at the grassroots level I think I can do the best.


Thanks to super-backorder users to give super-backorder to provide strong support, super-backorder always adhere to the principle of free, only some software selection for ordinary users free, all the software for VIP users free.

Super-squatting is not the software, but the VIP service, as long as the VIP users can be permanently free to use the super-backorder has been developed or will be developing all the software.

VIP user upgrade is the user support for super-backorder, in order to maintain the development of super-backorder and daily expenditure, I can repay is to constantly research or develop more powerful and effective tools for my VIP users.

Thank you for your support for Super backorder, thank you for your support of the super-backorder website. To register a user can register through this portal:, so that I can better and faster to provide you with services and help.

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Super Station domain assistant-Online Super Backorder _ Domain name backorder software _ Domain name Batch query tool

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