Super success Learning (Chen anzhi)-Article 2 do you want to succeed or do you want to succeed?

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The biggest difference between a super winner and an average person is that "you must be" and "want". If you want your dream to come true, you must be determined-"You must succeed! "
18. You must constantly study your competitors. Example: WAL-MART Director Sam weton opened the first chain, the goal to become the industry's top, get up at half past four every morning, when free to constantly study competitors. Only by understanding the other party can we surpass the other party. Only by understanding ourselves can we improve ourselves. Develop a habit and study your competitors. To succeed, you must do what successful people do. At the same time, you must understand what the loser has done so that you do not make those mistakes.
19. Success depends on others, not on yourself. If you want to succeed, you must have an organization and a working group. Success depends on organizations, teams, rather than individuals. They don't want to solve any problem on their own, but they want to solve it together with their partners. They can make full use of the effects of brainstorming and working together, so that their career and life can reach the peak.
20. You must work harder than your competitors. The most important factor in success is to work harder than others! "You are more than twice as hard as others." Li Ka-shing. "Working harder than others, and then finding a group of hard-working people to work" Gates. Effort is a shortcut to success, and it is a price that must be paid for success. "We always have to do better than what we need." Every day, we make an improvement of 1%. Every day, we must make better progress by 2%. This is what super winners must do every day.
21. Quality is required for everything. If you can improve the ranking order of your work quality in the industry, you will be more successful. Quality first! Quality first! Quality first! You must constantly ask your customers about the quality of our work? What is the product quality? Is the service good enough? Can you give us some suggestions? Keep chatting with customers.
22. Service first. As long as you require quality and heavy service, you will succeed. You must spend ten to fifteen minutes every day thinking about how to improve the quality of your work and how to improve the services we provide to our customers, whether in terms of value or attitude. The two most important keys to success are quality and first-class services.
23. Establish an absolute advantage. Michael Jordan: When you play against him, he's better at pitching than you, faster than you, better at defending, and more attacking than you. In every aspect, the key to success in basketball is better than others, so he became the greatest basketball star in history. Everything we do is better than our competitors. In this way, customers only choose us. "To do better than the best! "Zhao yaodong
24. The starting point of success is self-analysis. The secret of success is self-reflection. Ask yourself every day: what have I done today? What have you done wrong? Never make a second mistake. Only first-class people can do first-class quality things.
25. Innovation
26. You must learn about marketing. Knowledge essential for the 21st century: 1 sales 2 marketing 3 leadership. The key to marketing is to always listen to the voice of customers.
27. You must understand the future trend of your industry.
28. Your reputation represents everything. "If you can help others make their dreams come true, you can think of it as" jinkela
29. The friends you choose decide your fate. Make friends
30. Return to zero. Returns to zero every day.
31. Attitude and action determine everything
32. interpersonal relationships determine everything. Successful people depend on organizations, and failed people depend on themselves.
33. A large number of promotions are required for everything. Sales are always a digital game. The more customers you can reach, the larger the chance of success.
34. A large volume is the key to getting rich. Your achievements are always proportional to the number of people you serve.
35. You must find someone better than you to help you work. Methods of success: 1. Help the winners to work; 2. Cooperate with the winners; 3. Find the winners to help you work.
36. constantly improve the work process.
37. Time management is very important. "Consciousness is the beginning of treatment" Chen yi'an
38. Constantly integrate human resources
39. serving customers is the foundation of success.
40. Who is the most important in a mall? The answer is customer.
41. Satisfied customers are not enough. What matters is loyal customers.
42. Do business by referral of customers.
43. New Products should be continuously available for sale. Do not make money as your most important goal.
44. regular and continuous contact with customers.
45. constantly expand your business.

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