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Supermap iclient 6R for Silverlight product introduction and beta testing software

Supermap iclient 6R for Silverlight is a Web Geographic Information System Development Kit based on Microsoft Silverlight technology. It runs on the Silverlight platform integrated with Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Web Developer express 2008, and uses Microsoft Silverlight technology and Microsoft. NET development framework to build a web map application rich client. As a cross-browser, cross-platform client development platform product, Supermap iclient for Silverlight not only allows you to smoothly display maps on the client, you can also quickly use maps and services provided by Supermap GIS servers or third-party servers to build map applications with rich interfaces, highly interactive interfaces, and superior experience.


Features of Supermap iclient 6R for Silverlight:

1) a wide range of Map Browsing methods, including free scaling, step-by-step scaling, frame scaling, roaming, translation, view switching, and full display;

2) Flexible map display modes, supporting the Supermap GIS server or other server dynamic loading and client smart cache methods;

3) provides a wide range of thematic maps, including single-value thematic maps, segmented thematic maps, tag thematic maps, statistical thematic maps, hierarchical thematic maps, and point density thematic maps, allows the map to display business needs more intuitively;

4) map control functions, including eagleeye, legend, layer control, navigation disk, scaling bar, and scale.

5) smooth loading of massive data, rapid loading of massive data using layer-based block technology and map cache technology;

6) powerful space query and statistics, support for SQL attribute query and statistics, and joint query of space and attribute;

7) Precise traffic calculation functions, including distance calculation, angle calculation, and area calculation;

8) analysis functions, including buffer analysis, overlay analysis, and path analysis;

9) scalable map editing and drawing functions, allowing you to draw simple editing functions such as points, lines, arcs, surfaces, circles, rectangular objects, and stretching;


10) supports OGC standard services, including WMS 1.3, WMS 1.1.1, WMS 1.1.0, WFS 1.1, WFS 1.0, WCS 1.0.0, WCS 1.1.1, kml 2.1, kml 2.2, and georss 2.0.

Note: The software can be used after installation without any license.

For more details and development methods, see online help.
Thank you for your enthusiastic participation in the Supermap iclient 6R for Silverlight beta test!
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