Supermarket food poisoning-a few things and claims [original 3]

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Supermarket food poisoning-a few things and claims [original 3]

I'm glad to hear from my mom and dad that the environment for the new house is very good. I'm very relieved that my environment is far away from home.

The next day, I took a rest and started early, preparing to take my mom and dad to the largest supermarket WJ for shopping.

After drinking the porridge at, my mom stayed up and went to the WJ Supermarket.

Wj supermarket upstairs and downstairs 4 floors, first floor food, second floor wine and beverage snacks and their daily necessities ==, third floor apparel and daily necessities, fourth floor household appliances and children's products area.

Old mom has been around for a long time and has bought a lot of daily necessities. They are all very happy, and it is rare to walk in this wide array of products with such free time.

At, everyone felt hungry, and they bought cooked food for lunch in the first-floor cooked food area. Although Guangzhou is a world of food, it doesn't mean anything. It can be made basically once eaten, so it is easy to eat when you go shopping or do things. In the south, I used to eat less dumplings. My father suddenly became interested in crystal dumplings. I went to buy him a copy. A piece of 5 yuan 15 dumplings, as if there are 3 kinds of dumplings, I asked the waiter to take each 5. Mom likes to eat fried noodles. Although the noodles are not of good quality, it looks pretty nice to accompany them with other dishes, so she can stick to it. I can take whatever pie I like. I had no drinks but milk on the first floor. I was too lazy to go upstairs to get it and got two papaya milk. Then I paid for the food in the rest area provided by Xiaoshu at the door. The old man said the stuffing seemed a little strange. I don't care. Now I think I should ask the old man, after all, it is the "Super Grade" cook in the village.

After eating, you can have a visit and get the items.

At around, I left the supermarket and bought 4400 sets on the bridge.

Then, all the way to view the landscape project.

, Said the father was not very comfortable. Feeling disconnected.

Back home at, the old man lay down in bed and said that he was not feeling well and his stomach began to feel uncomfortable. Weak. I immediately asked me to accompany me to learn to go back and remember to go to the pharmacy and buy a box for the old man. I thought the old man was not satisfied and was shocked. In the past, this medicine had a miraculous effect on the old man.

At, the old man felt even more uncomfortable. He panicked and there were no drug stores nearby. But I think it was caused by food poisoning. The old man's health has always been quite good. No one answered NN, who called mm and her classmates. The conclusion was that the shopping girl, the God said by Buddha, was the god who rose into the happy world and drowned in the earth, shopping is the least reliable time for women.

I am panic. I went out from the backdoors and killed all the places where I sold my medicines. I didn't have four places. It doesn't matter. I ran to Shi Pai east! Many large drug stores! All the way down! Four large drug stores, no !! No !! Sold out !! Continue, small pharmacy !! No !! FT, get in the alley! Each small pharmacy also asked one by one, no! Even an outpatient service like the old military medical doctor ran in, scaring the small mm nurse to think that the examination was coming.

At last, in the last small store, a mm finally found the last bottle in another warehouse for a long time. The Hong Kong pharmaceutical company made a copy of the change and paid for it and ran it to the House.

After the old man took the medicine, he started to vomit at, and the symptoms were quite shocking.

Vomit again. No fever.

, Diarrhea. He looks uncomfortable. But the old man said nothing, just take a rest.

My heart is not a taste. I am so uncomfortable here when I come to see me so far.

Lie down and have nothing to eat.

You will be back later than a.m. Your face is very dark. Before that, I told her not to buy any medicine, including the medicine used to treat rhinitis that I bought before going out. I agreed to come back for dinner. My mom bought a lot of food to make her and her classmates have a good meal. During the course, she said she would not come back for dinner. Let's say we will go home at, and we will be back. I strongly urged her to give her some face when she came back early. Some of her classmates were there. At that time, I scolded her.

I thought it would be good tomorrow when I fell asleep. I also gave him pioneer 4 and other treatments for gastrointestinal diseases.

This is not the case. I was woken up by the flushing sound in the bathroom at AM. Then I found that the old door was not closed, so I went in and checked it out. Dad sat in bed. Huhu, my mom fell asleep. The old man looked very bad. He asked him how he was doing. He said that he had suffered diarrhea twice and it was very uncomfortable. Four diarrhea times a night, that is, young people can't stand it !! What's more, old man! It seems that the old man is a little dehydrated. He said that he was afraid of sleeping and did not dare to tell me. Dizzy! I immediately went to get some porridge to replenish moisture and physical strength for the father. The secret of quick porridge is generally not mentioned to others.

I took out half a bowl of leftovers in the pot and put some water into the steel basin that I used to bring around for dinner during my junior high school. The rice balls were smashed and pasted, heated with a medium fire, and soon started, then, Stir constantly to make the rice grains soft and fast. A few minutes later, the porridge is appropriate, and the boiling water is also opened, and the water is immediately added. Then, my remedies are used to treat dehydration symptoms caused by gastrointestinal diseases. Add an apple. Immediately wash an apple, remove the core, and cut small pieces. Then boil the porridge.

Half a child, porridge is good, put a little salt, experience, to saline. Immediately load the bowl and send it to Dad.

Dad even drank two bowls. After a while, he said it was much more comfortable. The weather began to shine.

I was thinking. According to the father's symptoms, it must be food problems and food poisoning !! Yesterday, when I got up early in the morning, my family drank porridge from my mom at. At noon, after lunch at WJ supermarket, my father had never eaten any more. Yes !! According to the digestion time, the problem must be lunch at the supermarket!

I told him that he should have eaten the crystal dumplings in the supermarket. I am looking for a small ticket for the WJ supermarket of md B. Fortunately, I found it in my coat! Two more! The waiter accidentally confiscated another one! I don't want to beat you B's grandson, It's so uncomfortable for me all night.

Let the old man have a rest. I took him to the hospital as soon as it was dawn.

Dawn, brush your teeth % ...... ※× It can be done in an instant with a fully powered cell phone, a small ticket, and a wallet. I almost dropped the satin military knife.

Hang up the emergency, rush into a heap of People's window, get the medical records and run to the emergency doctor's office. In the past, my classmates also visited these three hospitals for acute gastroenteritis. I am still here to help. So I am still a little familiar with the entire process.

After hearing the symptoms, the doctor said that it should be acute enteritis caused by food. I asked the doctor if he could prove it was caused by the food in the supermarket yesterday. The doctor laughed and said, "No, unless a similar symptom occurs when you eat together, we will report it. A father like me can only identify him as unlucky, because there is no effective evidence. There is no way to find the Consumer Protection Association, the Health Bureau, or the Consumer Protection Association. I was so upset that the old man suffered a lot last night. Why !??

Really bad? Why? This is because the old man had really eaten the stuff in the supermarket. He spent the whole day yesterday, I have never eaten anything except my mother's porridge in the morning and Apple porridge over the 5 o'clock in the morning. But the doctor said that the supermarket would not admit it, saying that the supermarket would say that if you don't just eat our food, it is hard to say that they are not responsible for food problems.

Then take the medicine and take some drip. I asked my friends to check the Health Report phone number. Various media phone numbers = are sent to my mobile phone.

I'm on the phone.

Call WJ supermarket service according to the supermarket ticket number. Tell them about the situation and want to see how they can solve the problem.

Transferred to a certain manager. After hearing this, it was the same as what the doctor said. He said that the evidence is insufficient. Who knows if the old man is eating a bad stomach. I am sure that I can be sure that the food source is that your WJ supermarket was contaminated and caused my father to vomit and diarrhea. He said there was no way. Unless there were customers in a similar situation, how many people would eat a pot of dumplings? If so many people did, they could be sure that the food at their WJ supermarket had a problem, they will take full responsibility. Otherwise, my father may have caused other reasons. Thanks !!!!

I think MM's cousin is also working as a manager assistant in a large supermarket. I want to ask them how to deal with such problems.

The phone called, she said, we are most afraid of this situation in the supermarket. No matter whether there is any evidence, if the customer has a problem, it must be solved, that is, it is not consumed in the supermarket, we have to lose money when they come over. The main fear is that all the media are running. The impact is very bad.

After hearing this, I feel at ease.

I called WJ again and told the waiter to ask the manager to talk about it. I was in a hurry when the manager of WJ supermarket started to be so cool. He just said sorry. If I'm sorry, it's just irresponsible. I am so upset that I can call the media now if you are so irresponsible. After hearing this, he immediately got angry. This sentence has a miraculous effect! Then he transferred the information to the above manager and asked for help.

After half an hour, no response was made. Make a call and try again. Said it is being discussed. .

After half an hour, I didn't respond. I called the phone and asked the waiter who answered the phone to contact the manager. I am not satisfied with their attitude.

The manager will finally give me a call and say that he will let people go to the hospital to see my father later.

No one came after half an hour. After dinner time, the manager has gone to dinner. I asked Miss to call. I threatened to give you half an hour, why do you do it? I called the media when I was half a child. He is in a hurry. I just went out. It's almost done.

After 40 minutes, a blue-headed person came with a fruit basket. He just apologized and gave me some fruit condolences. He didn't mean to be responsible at all. I had a showdown with him. You were not responsible for any adverse consequences caused by your WJ supermarket ...... ※× ().....

He said that there is not enough evidence that the food in their WJ supermarket has a quality problem, that is, they can go to the ×× department, the ×× Association to complain, or even take their food for inspection at any time. Their supermarkets are offering condolences as a humanitarian program. I caught fire when I heard it. I'm so light: Well, it's time for you. Go back. If you leave, you have any consequences.

The young man hesitated. Think about it. Leave without saying anything.

I called the Southern Metropolis Daily. Miss likes, does not eat, does not have the strength to ask, said half, disconnects !!! What is the Spam Report Hotline for B! Why can't I try it. In the future, when I get a photo of a burning police car, I won't give it to such a newspaper. When the bird flu in Guangzhou was under High Martial Law, the dead bird photos taken by the mobile phone were not given to any media. The critical moment was to rely on oneself.

I told my mom to take care of the father. Carry the fruit basket and rush it out to WJ supermarket. Drop the fruit basket in front of their service desk and ask them to name the manager. The young lady called the front-end manager, and the manager could not solve the problem. She called the manager of the food department and looked at it to find out that he was a sly person. I told him what kind of attitude you are and whether the product has such a problem or any responsibility has been pushed! What do you want ?! A burst of scolding, many people around him looked at him very embarrassed. He saw that I was not playing with this trend, nor blackmailed and swindled money. A lot better. However, they do not admit that they are responsible for the WJ supermarket. After I once again say that the food source is the evidence here, he also expressed his understanding and sympathy, he does not admit it, but he is shaking. Although I am just verbal evidence. But he said, "I have heard on the phone that I am a very self-developed person. I also know that this may be the food here, but they are not responsible for the WJ supermarket, because there is no evidence that the company can make a responsible reason. I am so angry, I am so angry, I am crazy, I am very loud, I am so tall than him, talking loudly, imposing pressure on him, and then many customers come here, see what happened. He began to retreat and said he could discuss it. I just want to discuss it! I don't want to embarrass you! I don't care about hundreds of medical bills! I want you to give me a saying !!

He said he could discuss it. Then I talked to me and said I was willing to take some financial compensation. I called my father and asked him how much he needed to pay for the supermarket. The father said casually.

I opened 1000 at will. The last time I went to the hospital in Guangzhou for a day or two, it would take more than 1000 to get a bit of information.

The manager said, so much, I have to discuss with the xxx service provider and wait for me to answer you.

After waiting for half an hour, the manager came out and said, sorry, our company can only pay you 150 yuan for seeing a doctor today. We can't care about anything else, as specified by the company.

By the way, Lao Tzu was so upset. I asked him out loud and I gave you 500. You gave me some beans, onions, and honey, right, 500. You don't want to do anything, if you eat, I will give you 500 now !! He began to argue again, and he was so upset !! I spoke to him loudly. He even said it was a rescue from the humanitarian work of the company !! I was so upset, CaO, your m B (of course, I never swear at d in person), I shot them at the desk, what are you talking about ?!! Humanitarian assistance !!! The problem of your product quality caused customers to go to the hospital and also called humanitarian assistance !! ¥ % ...... ※×× ※...... # ¥ % ...... ※× (× ※...... % ¥ ...... ※× (NNN customers look here, and all the ladies at the front desk are stunned. The guy took a call and told me that he was willing to take charge of all the medical expenses within three days. I called dad. Dad said he would probably have to give it a try again tomorrow. I can say that. I said that I will get the hospital invoice and show it to you tomorrow.

I'm leaving. He carried the fruit basket and asked me to bring it back. I don't want to, I said, keep yourself up and eat it slowly


The next day. Dad continues to see a doctor in the hospital. Just like a hospital clinic, in addition to medical expenses, there is almost no need to spend money out, but it is a long queue. I have been on leave for two hours. Dad came out. The recovery was very good. The doctor said that you don't need to take a drip, just take the medicine. Then I took my father home.

When I took my medical records and invoices in the afternoon, the manager came out and told me a bunch of nonsense. Then I asked him to add a little nutrition fee. This B is coming again. He said that yesterday he promised three days of medical expenses as much as he could do. This cannot help me. Come on again !! Then print a receipt, and the content only says to pay 350 yuan for me. I didn't need to sign anything. I was so upset that I asked him what he meant. He said the company paid 350 yuan. That is, it does not admit its willingness to be responsible. In addition, he said that he had nothing to say about the nutrition fee. RMB in total. I took out the WJ supermarket membership card and asked the front-end lady to cancel the account in front of the manager. The lady said they could only cancel the card of the supermarket. I said you should keep it yourself. The manager looked embarrassed.

I thought back to what I thought last night. They thought this was the rule of their WJ Supermarket Company. However, this is actually a legal loophole, which is very unfavorable to our consumers. But we cannot. It is easy for me to win this step. I told the old man, but the old man still said forget it. They would like to give it. However, I am unhappy. The old man suffered so much pain the night before, and the birds of these WJ supermarkets were so uncomfortable talking. Company rules, right? Well, I will challenge your company system !!

I told my father that I would do it myself. They are not very talkative. If you can't talk about it, you can get it bigger. Dad said don't be so troublesome, forget it. I said I could do it.

I once again stressed that the total compensation requirement is RMB. The manager said that the maximum number is 350, which is already very generous.

I don't like it. I did not discuss it. I said that you took my receipt of evidence yesterday. Please give it to me now with purchase records and evidence. Please give me the invoice just now. There is also the membership card just now, and there are consumption records. He panicked and said that the ticket was not taken today. I said, "Where are you going. He panicked. He said he was in the office. I said you should hurry and get it. I don't have to pay for anything. But what are the negative effects. He panicked. I immediately took out my cell phone and was carrying my phone. Then I told you that we have called our store manager. Please wait.

After a few minutes, a very tall man came with two ponies. Speak with a phone all the way. Then he asked him how he was doing and began to repeat the nonsense that the manager said. I'm impatient. He came to a more humane form of communication. I have never caught a cold. I cannot talk about it at last. Deadlock. I said that I am not satisfied with your handling method. He said he was not satisfied. I said that I am very sincere to solve the problem. Let's take a look at what you have done. I pointed to the receipt and wrote it. After receiving the 350 yuan, I had to completely solve the problem and will not be held accountable. I said it was really difficult for me to sign for you like this. I don't want to write anything for the same reason. Even if I still want 350 yuan, I don't want to pursue it for the future, and I don't even want to give me a little more nutrition fee. I said you did not negotiate and solve the problem in good faith. Then he immediately replied, "Well, this receipt is retained within our company and will not be circulated. If it is not well written, we should rewrite it, however, our company does not really talk about medical expenses, and you know why. As for uncle's good health, I can't let him pick some nutritious and fresh fruit in the talent supermarket for you to take it back for uncle to eat. I said there is no shortage of fruit in our house. We Guangdong People drink soup to cultivate their bodies. He went on to say that our supermarket also wanted to make things easier and make things easier. What do you think is more appropriate? I said, I don't want to talk about it anymore. I just want you to give up to RMB. I didn't need a one thousand two thousand million, right? Did you say yes? The manager thought for a moment and said, well, just do what you said.

The manager was in a hurry and said, isn't the manager suitable? So how can I report it here? This parameter is required. The manager waved his hand and said, come and tell me at night.

I challenged WJ to succeed .............................

Mom and Dad went back. Smooth sailing. Happy New Year.

As a souvenir of this article .....

Mom, I love you.

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