Support for NAT features of Catalyst series switches

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Table of NAT features supported by Catalyst series switches


Note: The ipvs4000/4500 series switches of sup3/4 support the AGW module from 12.1 (13) EW. When the AGW module runs IOS 12.2 (13) T and later versions, you can use the AGM module to support NAT. In this case, NAT is implemented in software mode.

NAT on MSFC and MSFC2 of ipvst6000/6500 is supported by software.

When the NAT feature is enabled on vswitches of the 6500 series, the packages to the NAT outside interface may be in the form of software routing instead of layer-3 switching. No matter whether these packages need to be converted. In order to only allow MSFC software to Route packets that need to be converted, a fairly precise ACL should be created to control which packets need to be NAT. Efforts should be made to avoid using statements such as permit ip any in the nat acl.

The following problems still exist in NAT on 6500 MSFC/MSFC2:

  1. Firewall service modules for Cisco Catalyst 6500 series and Cisco 7600 series
  2. Catalyst 4000 Series Access Gateway Module

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