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Mindfusion.winforms Pack is a professional control pack that contains flowchart drawing controls, chart and gauge controls, calendar scheduling controls, and report controls. Controls can be easily integrated into the application.

Specific features:

Flowchart Controls:

    • Support for document view structure
    • Supports scrolling and zooming
    • Support ToolTips
    • Supports multiple selections
    • Supports Undo/redo, copy, and paste operations
    • Support for path finding and loop detection
    • Export to Image, PDf, DXF, Visio 2003, and SVG formats
    • Support for container nodes
    • Merging table cells
    • Lock graphic elements
    • Extend or shrink multi-layered objects
    • 8 Automatic Layouts
    • Formatted HTML text
    • Support for custom node shapes
    • Support for custom drawing nodes
    • Support Shadows
    • Provides rulers, graphic toolboxes, graphic list boxes, etc.

Chart controls:

    • Chart types for line, area, bubble, scatter charts, Bar, column, cylinder charts, pie/doughnut charts, radar/polar charts are available
    • Unlimited data series
    • Support for the second y-axis
    • 5 different label types and 5 table types
    • customizing table Labels
    • Support 3D Charts
    • Custom Legends
    • Supports horizontal and vertical charts
    • Support for getting data from a database
    • Support Date Time value

Calendar Day Program

    • Supports cyclic re-sending events
    • Serialization of databases
    • Outlook Import Export
    • Serialization of XML
    • 6 Types of views
    • Built-in Element editor
    • Support scrolling, mouse prompts
    • Support moving to a future or a previous day, a month, a year
    • Print and print preview support
    • Supports exporting some or all of the calendars as pictures
    • Supports a fully customizable look
    • Custom Draw multiple elements

Report Control:

    • Supports using any WinForm control as a report element
    • Supports headers and footers
    • Support for multi-element selection
    • Support for design-time report amplification
    • Support All. NET data source
    • Compatible with ADO
    • Support for single reports using multiple data sources
    • Print and print preview
    • Supports binding and unbound modes
    • Support for multi-page reports
    • Support for report preview
    • Everywhere for HTML, PDF

Gauge Controls:

    • Round and linear gauges
    • Fully customizable templates, pointers, ranges, labels, ticks, indicators, and more

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