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Microsoft and Apple products can use the difference between productivity and innovation, which is why many corporate users embrace Microsoft and designers and others embrace Apple. But there is no clear line between the two, so we saw Apple launch the ipad Pro product and see Microsoft launch surface Studio. So what are the advantages of this stunning new one, compared to the Apple imac?

1. Industrial Design

This new one machine adhering to the surface design concept, with fluent, concise and easy to use features. This one machine in the material aspect uses the Silver matte aluminum and the extremely narrow black border, the machine thickness also only is 12.5mm.

The biggest design feature is the use of "0 gravity hinge" Users can be very easy and stable screen adjustment. The machine weighs 21.07 lbs (about 9.56Kg), but most of the weight is concentrated on the base. Flexible hinges allow studio to actively respond to challenges with varying degrees of use, easily harnessing work and entertainment creation.

2.Surface Pen

Surface Studio supports the latest Microsoft Surface Pen. The stylus has a level 1024 pressure sensitivity that makes the entire job more intuitive and straightforward. The stylus can be attached to the side of surface studio by magnetism. Apple also has a Pencil apple, but only for ipad Pro.

3.Surface Dial

In the presentation of the Conference, the user can use the knob to quickly page the document and press it on the screen to display the control options supported by the current application, in addition dial can work with surface pen for collaborative operation, A typical example is when the user is painting the process of only slowly rotating dial can achieve the gradient.

Another advantage is that dial can connect Surface Book or surface Pro via Bluetooth so that it can be manipulated even when the screen is off. It can be foreseen that dial can greatly increase productivity and is very practical.

4. Comparison of specifications

The base version of Surface Studio is equipped with a 1TB hybrid hard drive, 8GB memory and an Intel Core i5 processor at $2999. The device is equipped with a 28-inch screen with a resolution of 4500*3000, supports up to 10-point touch, and hinges to adjust various angles.

In the Apple imac, the Intel Core i5 processor is priced at $1799 for 8GB memory and 1TB hard drives, with a 27-inch screen with a resolution of 5120*2880, but with limited screen angle adjustments. The imac has a sharper screen and a small 1-inch screen size.


Surface Studio is able to work with the Xbox One wireless handle after the factory, which means the device can run a variety of games. The Windows 10 system's "Xbox play Anywhere" allows players to share game progress from the Xbox host to the PC. The current mainstream game will be landing on the imac platform, but most games will choose to log on to Windows first, and some OS X will not run.

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