Surfer8.0 Registration version 1CD (Professional mapping software necessary for geologists) Chinese version

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Aspen economic Evaluation Family V7.3.2-iso 1DVD

Avenza Geographic Imager 4.0 for Phtotoshop CS6 1CD

Avenza mapublisher v9.0 for phtotoshop CS6 Win64 1CD

Bentley Map Enterprise SS3 v8i 1CD

Data East xtools Pro 9.1 1CD

Gemcom whittle.v4.5 1CD

Magicad 2010.11 for AutoCAD 2008_2011 Win64 1CD

Mentor Graphics AMS v12.0 Eldo 1CD

Tekla.structures.v18.1.win32 1DVD

[Architectural design]. Tlf-soft-softplan. V13.33.bin
Flaresim v3.04 2500\
Primavera Project Management P6 Release 8.1\
Socet.set.v5.3-iso 1CD (digital photogrammetry software \
Softplan 13.34_usb\
VSG Avizo v7.0.0 win32_64 2cd\

232\ Training Tutorials. pdf
ARTCAM5 Tutorial. rar
[Three-dimensional relief design and carving of jewelry craftsmen. New Chinese tutorial]. DELCAM. and. Jewelsmith. V8.1-magnitude.bin
[Three-dimensional relief design and carving of jewelry craftsmen. New Chinese tutorial]. Files.rar
ArtCAM Jewelsmith 8.1\
esi_cfd_2010 win64\
IAR Embedded Workbench Limited Edition for 6502\
OLGA V7.1-ISOSPT OLGA V7.1 full dynamic multiphase Flow simulation program petrochemical software \
SPT Group OLGA 7.0.0\
Terraexplorer pro6.1\
Terragate 6.0.1\

ISIGHT-FD Integrated Adams-aircraft (detailed tutorial, case). rar
Valor Genesis v9.1 d1 for Win2k.rar
Amos v18 usb\
Cadmeister.v6.1-iso 1dvd\
I-deas NX displays Chinese fonts in each version \
Isight FD v5.0 win32_64 1dvd\
ISIGHT English Training Course (beginner, intermediate, advanced) \
Move 2009.1 1CD (mainstream construction simulation software, including 2DMove, 3DMove and 4DMove) \
NI LabVIEW 2010\
Valor Genesis v9.1 d1 for Win2k\
VERO Machining strategist V10 multilanguage\

Pipelinestudio v3.4.0.0 Final-iso 1CD (Stable version, chemical pipeline simulation technology). rar
STAGE Scenario 5.0 diagram. rar
Surfer8.0 Registration version 1CD (Professional mapping software necessary for geologists) Chinese version. rar
Survopt V3.4b6.rar
Aspen Plus 7.3.2\
Autopol for Windows\ (sheet metal expansion software) \
Datamine NPV Scheduler v4.19.3025.0\
Earthworks Mine2-4d V12.0.1619.0\
Engenuity. STAGE. SCENARIO. V5\
jmag-designer10.5 win64-iso\
Mastercam X6 SP0 v15.0.4.3\
Pcselcad V7.0-iso 1CD (electromechanical-Electrical CAD drawing software \

Survopt V3.4b6


* * Good faith cooperation, quality assurance!! Long-term effectiveness:

* * Telephone tel:13963782271 customer service qq:16264558 Mail (email): [Email protected]


Synopsys synplify vF-2012.03 linux32_64 2dvd\
tfcalc.v3.5.6 (famous optical thin film design software) \

CPSL. Timetrek.v4.2.5.rar
Cst. Studio.Suite.v2006B.SP3 installation instructions. doc
Raincad v5.0.tmp
CPSL. Timetrek.v4.2.5_usb\
Cst. Studio.suite.v2006b.linux-\
etap.powerstation.v7.5 complete and usable version \
Raincad v5.0 for autocad\
Vis-mockup vismockup5.1\
Spring Design software UTS Advanced Spring Desig 7.11\

Ecrin V4.12.03.rar
Cadmeister.v6.1-iso 1dvd\
Ecrin v4.12.03\
Jmatpro 3.0_u\
Jmatpro v3.0 steel module useful \
Reiworld Staad Beam 2.0 (structural analysis) \
Synopsys SPW vE-2010.12 Linux 1cd\
TRC Phdwin v2.75 1CD (Reserve and economic evaluation software) \
Wellcad. V3.1 Borehole data management \

Neotec Wellflo V8.1.6 Oil and gas well production simulation software 3500 USD

Wellflo Software is SPT Group-neotec Company after 36 years of research and development and practice of the production of oil and gas wells, under-balanced drilling/pressure-controlled drilling hydraulics simulation software. Used to simulate the hydraulics and heat transfer processes of production wells or injection wells, Wellflo offers three user interfaces including Wellflo Expert, Wellflo rigsite, Wellflo Production.

Wellflo can be used to simulate artificial lifting, multi-layer mining, underbalanced drilling, oil casing combined production and wellbore heating steam injection process process; can accurately calculate wellbore multiphase flow pressure temperature change, especially for condensate gas/high acid gas more accurate, can predict and prevent wellbore effusion, optimize well production system Wellflo can evaluate the production process of viscous oil wells, simulate the flow of complex fluids, optimize the design of annular space and predict the formation of hydrate. The combination of dynamic and static modes satisfies the needs of both rapid design and detailed analysis, so that users can get the best solution.

Psim9.1 Professional Edition 1350 Yuan

Psim is a simulation application package software which tends to the field of power electronics and motor control.   Psim has the functions of high-speed simulation, user-friendly interface and waveform analysis, which can provide powerful simulation environment for power electronic circuit analysis, control system design and motor drive research. The simulation analysis system, not only the circuit simulation monomer, but also with other companies to connect the emulator, to provide users with high development efficiency simulation environment. For example, in the field of motor-driven development, the control part is realized by Matlab/simulink, the main circuit and its peripheral circuit are realized by the Psim, and the motor is jmag realized by the magnetic field analysis software, which is connected to the analysis to achieve a more high-precision comprehensive simulation system.

Intergraph smartplant 3D 2009 Latest Version 3200 Yuan

Ntergraph's enterprise engineering software provides three-dimensional design, integrity assessment, and installation planning capabilities
Intergraph? Smartplant? Enterprise engineering Solutions play a key role in the design and successful operation of a world-class $ billions of coal-fired power plant.

Ansa.v14.0.pre.16.11.2012.win32_64 1CD

Beta-cae metapost 6.8.2 win32_64 1CD

CMG Suite v2012.0 Win32-iso 1DVD

CMG Suite v2012.0 Win64-iso 1DVD

Delcam.powershape.2013.sp6.update.only.win32_64 2CD

ESI pam-stamp 2G 2012.0 linux32_64 1DVD

Surpac v6.3.2 Win32 1CD 1CD

Embird Plus v8.0 1CD

Keil RealView Microcontroller Development Kit 4.60 1CD

Surfer8.0 Registration version 1CD (Professional mapping software necessary for geologists) Chinese version

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