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I am flattered by the strong response of garden friends because I wrote a new article "survival rules for recent graduates". Thank you! Blog is a good platform for talking about technology.ArticleIn this case, I will be despised and criticized by others, because I love this home. If my blog can help others, I will be happy? Of course, I will also try my best to learn the technologies of yuanyou and write a technical blog.

Try to remember others' names and respect others.

When new people enter the company, they will often take a look at their colleagues. Well, this is a regular experience. New people often think that this is a passing scene. How can so many people remember it? After a long time, they will remember it. In fact, this is not negligible. We also tried it ourselves. If I had met a gentleman, how would it feel if he could name you at the second meeting? It is a feeling of being valued and respected by others. It is often easy for you to become friends with such people. Some people say that my memory is poor and I cannot remember other people's names. In fact, I think this is a question of attitude and consciousness. If you think it is important, you will remember it for a long time, you don't need your girlfriend to tell her the second birthday. You'll probably get up at tomorrow morning for an interview.

Remembering others is important. It is equally important for others to remember you. Some people are naturally handsome, and they all love us. This is certainly easy to remember by others. However, people who look like me have a sense of security will not have such capital, but everyone has their own expertise. Remember to write a reply announcement during the last internship, I was shocked by the elegant pen and text. When I wrote the answer PPT, the pictures and texts were pleasing to the eye. If you have no special skills, please wear a red dress.

New people are always afraid to see their superiors and bosses. If they walk in one channel and come across your boss, what would you do? Some may pretend to be missing because of fear, and some may even turn back. In fact, it is very simple. Keep smiling and shift your eyes away from each other in the distance (you can't stare at others, only enemies can stare at each other in this way ), two or three meters closer to his superiors, his eyes turned to him and then smiled and nodded.

The mentality should be correct, and difficulties must be met and must be solved.



New users are not familiar with development, new projects, or technical difficulties. At this time, they must be patient and calm. Don't even sleep when the pressure is high, and cannot escape. Appropriate self-suggestion and comfort are necessary. "All is well, don't do it if it's not a big deal, and don't wait for the money to buy rice, there will always be companies asking me ".

New people often encounter problems that they don't understand. Many new people are afraid to ask questions, be afraid to bother others, and be afraid to tell others that you don't even understand this. Well, you have misunderstood the question. If you do not know the knowledge, you have to ask questions. The key is to ask questions. Some people are "Alas, let me see this.ProgramAnd cannot be called out. "If you ask more questions, you will be impatient. Don't blame others for being selfish. If you are not obligated, you must answer your questions. You are not sure about the answer yourself. In fact, it is very simple. Every time I ask other people a different way, "a brother, I have encountered a very strange problem. You don't know if you have met me.", "a brother, is it convenient? I would like to ask you a very profound question, and I cannot explain it ." And so on. In fact, when I asked a question, I accidentally put it on the shelf. If he didn't answer his face, he would not be able to get down. Once he answered it, you would like him to be awesome. He would be very happy, developers are all lonely. Don't let them alone. If some undesirable people deliberately raise difficult questions to test others in order to highlight their technical skills, it would be a very naive behavior to crack others' faces and embarrass themselves.

Developers hate product personnel and test personnel.

Alas, are you saying that our developers are easy? First, we need to follow the product's instructions. Then, we need to meet what needs to be met. Second, we need to accept the eggs of testers to pick bones. New people may get angry, and their demands may change. If there is a bug, there will also be a bug. Will it be used to die? So I hate them and fear them. Well, I don't think it is necessary, because it is their profession. Others eat this bowl of rice.

First, we need to clarify two points. The only thing in the software world remains the same is change, so don't complain about changes in demand. conflicts are inevitable. Bugs coexist with dubugs, and many bugs can also be debugged. After thinking about these two points, you will suddenly become open-minded. However, you will often see developers and products or test tasks, but you will not understand these two points or communication methods. Developers are attacked by both sides of the product and the test. wearing armor is the first task to protect themselves.

You can never make your own opinions when asking for help. If you are right, you are wrong because you are not the boss. The tester picked out the problem and couldn't get bored. He thought it was for you and was brave enough to face it and didn't play the ball. If you feel that the time is too short, you can delay it and tell him that we have discovered this problem. We are working on the solution and will soon see the result.

We often emphasize that we should pay attention to our work methods and communication. If everyone attaches so much importance to it, we will not see the Three Kingdoms (development, product, and test ), or hybrid doubles (product hybrid testing and development ). It is difficult to communicate at work, so we can communicate with each other in private. We usually have a good relationship with products and tests. When there is a problem, they will read about your private communication, it won't make you breathless.

Another is the improvement of false efficiency. Our average efficiency is determined by others. It is purely a perceptual conclusion and there is no rational measurement. So, some new people should note that they should not be bold enough to highlight their high efficiency. It is hard to say that the work completed in one day is okay for half a day. If it is a problem, you can do it in half a day. It is also difficult to say that one day is also difficult. In this way, someone else has an expectation in his mind. One day, when you finish it in half a day, others think that, wow, a good guy. It's just half a day. Of course, this method is not commonly used. It is often used to think that you can drag the water and grasp the degree.

The three most important people in the company are your boss, the people closest to your position, and the HR

If something goes wrong, the boss will help you back it up. The problem cannot be solved. people closest to you can give you suggestions. If the performance is good, HR will ensure your position. New people are bullied by others, and we need to turn around to protect ourselves. WriteCodeWhen asking about the demand, you must get the boss's permission to do it first. Don't directly negotiate with the product team across the boss. in case of a problem, the boss will stick to it. There is competition at the same level, and there is oppression at different levels, and there is no claim for excessive operations. When you have a good idea, you must never go over the invitation level, which is definitely under pressure from your superiors. If you have problems with the person closest to your position, pay attention to the problem methods mentioned above, consider the opportunity, and create opportunities for others to perform. HR is very important to you and gives him a good impression, because in this circle of software development, if you will come back to this company one day, HR will be able to help a lot at this time.

New people boast their own abilities and are not afraid of tigers. They often look down on people who seem to be "not doing things" and "unable to do the job". In fact, these people are not the elders of the land shortage, but the family members of the boss. If you feel that the company is in a bad atmosphere, such as power distribution, Don't be dumb, new people are pulled into a circle, and people are not aware of the fight. At this time, we have to wait for it to change. Confusion is the highest philosophy of life. After a long time, we will find a more powerful circle.

Never speak ill of your colleagues.

This is often the case. When colleague a mentions colleague B, even if you are very dissatisfied with colleague B, do not intercept in the conversation. listen to others' gossip first and let yourself know what to do. If colleague a wants to praise colleague B and you have opinions on colleague A, then colleague a will think that you also have opinions on me. If colleague a wants to talk about colleague B's shortcomings, you will immediately praise colleague B. Then, colleague a will think that you and colleague B are also a bastard. Yin and yang culture, the saying of the mean tells us to say plain words and never offend others.

New people always like to talk about things, just as they do in school. Suppose you are talking to your colleagues about one thing, and the lead suddenly appears next to you. What should you do? Some people are afraid to stop and pretend to work, while others pretend not to see the conversation. Neither of them is desirable. If the leaders suddenly say nothing about you, they will think in their hearts that these people must say something bad about me behind the scenes. Otherwise, they will not say anything about me when I come, in my heart, I thought that you were so happy not to put me in your eyes. What should I do? Don't stop immediately. When you see the leader coming, the voice gradually becomes smaller and then stop and say hello to the leader. At this time, the leaders felt that they were not talking about themselves, and they also respected themselves.


For work, new people observe and learn, and talk with experienced people. Finally, I sent a sentence to new people: "Stand on the standpoint of others, think about problems, and stand on your own to do things !".

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